Smugglers of Kristophan

Big crawly things!!!

The party waited at the pier for the mage who would release the spell on the Aluminium Falcon. However when he showed up he was being escorted by a party that was wanted by the government. Their wanted poster had been seen by the party at the tavern. Apparently they thought they could force the mage to nullify the spell and then steal the Falcon. But we moved into position and ambushed them. Even though they outnumbered us we foiled their plan and turned in the corpses for the reward (20,000 gold).

We left immediately after to go find Barata. We arrived ?? without further trouble only to find that Jacobix had left some weeks prior and neither his servants nor the townspeople knew where he had gone. Mungus and Otto crawled the taverns trying to find some Apple Beer but it was not being produced yet. The orchards were being renewed but as yet Apple Beer production had not begun. Bob went to help the orphans. V’rauul and Tatsu went somewhere? and got ambushed by some freaks that wanted to do unmentionable things to a follower of the Raven Queen. They killed Tatsu. About this same time Mungus and Otto overhead some crazy guy in the tavern ranting on about how he had to find Tatsu before it was too late. Pretty soon V’rauul showed and gave us the bad news. The new guy convinced us we had to go get some jewel or we couldn’t save Tatsu. As we searched for the gem we got attacked by megapedes.

To sum up, Bob was the big hero (in his own mind) killing TWO non minion monsters. The first to fall at his hand, figuratively speaking, was a mighty Dopelganger who was part of a group of NPC’s trying to steal our ship in Kristophan. The second was one of many Megapedes the party stumbled upon looking for a pretty rock they needed to go save, or at least to keep the baddies from desecrating, Tatsu. Mungus pulled out of his slump, he not only knocked the drow avenger unconscious and sent him to sleep with the fishes, he knocked out a megapede and made another one bite itself to death. Otto finally fulfilled his fantasy of riding a monster (its never ended well before) and managed to mount a megapede and somehow kept hold of the garrote he had around it neck while the monster futilely tried to bite him but always ended up biting itself.



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