Smugglers of Kristophan

Death of Tatsu

Prequel to Big crawly things!!!

Tatsu and Vra’uul went into Moondance to search for information on the whereabouts of Jacobux Kincep. While in town, a nice old lady asked Tatsu if he would act in his capacity of a Raven Queen priest and perform last rites for her dying husband. Excited by the prospect of using his axe (the usual method of performing last rites), Tatsu agreed and Vra’uul followed – deciding that this would be more fun than threatening the people in town for information (which is pretty much the only Streetwise Vra’uul has).

Upon entering the home and being distracted by the Old People Smell, Tatsu and Vra’uul triggered a trap on the stairs leading to the upper floor and fell 20 feet down. Vra’uul managed to hang on to the trap door grate and negate falling damage.

The carpet in this new room came alive and attacked Vra’uul and Tatsu – it being some sort of disgusting creature. Unfortunately, the only exit to the room was blocked by barred doors and some nasty creatures with pointy, bitey teeth – including Bone Claws!!!

Now pissed off, both Tatsu and Vra’uul inflicted considerable damage on the carpet and it’s friends, and teleported their way into the hallway beyond the barred doors. After turning the corner, they discovered their way was blocked by a closed door. Vra’uul, being the sneakier of the two smugglers, crept up to the door, opened it a crack, and looked in. All he saw was a room full of jerks.

The room was full of enough jerks that Tatsu and Vra’uul decided they’d have to escape the way they’d come. This task was accomplished by forcing their enemies into attacking one at a time, due to their large size in such a confined space. The plan was to teleport back into the evil carpet room and then to escape back up through the trap door. Vra’uul was to go first because he could teleport back up to the stairs and then provide a rope for Tatsu to use to climb up.

Unfortunately, as Vra’uul threw the rope down to his buddy, the carpet finished Tatsu off and engulfed his corpse. As this happened, the old lady (let’s call her Dennis) tried to sneakily attack Vra’uul. With his friend unconscious (or worse) and out of sight, combined with the old lady attacking him, as well as having already expended several daily powers and nearly all encounter powers, Vra’uul was forced to flee to seek revenge another time.



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