Smugglers of Kristophan

Dream a Little Dream...

The party navigated a complex dream world reminding them of many (but certainly not all) of their obligations that had as of yet been left unfulfilled. Eventually it was revealed that the dream was the result of a powerful ritual performed by the Lich and a powerful Psion lackey of his. The Lich was very dissatisfied with the apparent lack of progress of the party and after the Psion recommitted them to complete the quest (by bringing back the tiefling wizard’s head) the party was teleported to a location near their target.

The wizard was waiting for them and attacked soon after their arrival. After a significant struggle, the party was victorious, but rather than killing the wizard, they negotiated a new deal with him against the Lich. At that point the Lich and his Psion lackey revealed themselves and the fact that this was just a dream within a dream and the party had betrayed him. The party is now officially enemies with a very powerful Lich that wants them very dead (and then probably wants to make their corpses into undead minions).

Vra’uul is the MNP for both almost dying without actually dying as well as consistently almost hitting without actually hitting.



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