Smugglers of Kristophan

Otto's Curse part 2

While venturing through the caverns to the underdark, the party was attacked by giant phase spiders with big, sharp, nasty teeth. Unfortunately Brother Maynard wasn’t available so we had to fight them hand to leg (and mandible). Vr’aaul triggered the attack in Otto like fashion by running ahead to examine the dragon corpse. During the battle Otto showed his penchant for epic fails (1-1-spider head) and ended up falling into one of the pits. A spider followed him down and somehow Mungus managed to kill the creature and have it fall on top of him. However he did make it out of the pit without assistance. After killing all the spiders they looted a long-dead dragon and ventured on to find the dark place they were looking for to complete the ritual for Ottto. During the ritual a bunch of undead creatures (shattered souls, zombie, wights, a wraith?…) appeared and made a bee line for Otto. This made it easier on the rest of the party and Gigantus and Tatsu had fun whacking the creatures as they passed by. Otto was lucky to end up by Tatsu who was able to heal him as well as redirect the fury of many of the foul undead spawn. Just as the ritual was ending Otto saw into the abyss and had some kind of spiritual? experience. He now curses quite proficiently in abyssal. After performing the ritual, fighting a bunch of undead (briefly including Otto), the cursed artifact was banished to the Abyss.



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