Smugglers of Kristophan

Said the Spider to the Fly

With the party reunited, they defeated the Frost Giant leadership in a brutal battle. Returning to the Fire Giant lands, they had to lay low to avoid being overwhelmed, and happened into the lair of a Red Dragon. Following a drawn out fight, it was also defeated, enriching the party further with a rowboat full of loot (really).

Returning (mostly) victorious from their adventures in the lands of the giants, the party found Baraata efforts to organize the settlement around the coastal fortress (by which I mean tower) in full swing. Archimedes had apparently also been sent to the area to asses exploitation of local resources following the recent depopulation. He also had an “important assignment” for the party from Diogenes that involved using a ritual scroll to go to a teleportation scroll where agents would properly brief the party.

Turns out the portal led to a gas chamber (which the party escaped with minimal poisoning). Worse still was a greeting received by the Dreamwalker the party had encountered in their recent group hallucination, which suggested (and was quickly confirmed) that they were again facing another jaunt through a wizard’s tower. Their host: the Lich.

The first challenge was manageable puzzle involving a pivoting floor over a bed of poisoned spikes. After working out a system (and Mungus getting some acupuncture) the party managed to get through without too much grief. But there are other levels yet to be explored…

Of note this session was 2 [yes 2!] instances of 3 [yes 3!] natural 1’s [yes 1’s!] being rolled in quick succession by a player (Gaylord, then about an hour later by Otto). An amazing density of suckitude deserving to be immortalized.



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