Smugglers of Kristophan

Said the Spider to the Fly part 2

The party continued to ascend the tower and were rewarded with mentally disturbing images and encounters. First they were turned against each other in a bizarre shared hallucination (which took the form of a game of Munchkin, played in character-ish). Then they were attacked by the darkness. The darkness had nasty, pointy teeth. Also, the darkness was dark to the point of snuffing out light sources. Sort of like a can of pastel black being released into a dark room. Then they were engaged by multiplying bad guys that eventually turned into images of affection (of one sort or another) which the characters had to destroy in order to continue. Some characters, knowing that there would be no affection for them in either the real or arcane-imaginary world, had an easy time with this encounter.

Despite having less affection for each other and some members even being slightly traumatized emotionally, the party sallies forth… are they going to get out? Or are they going to die?



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