Smugglers of Kristophan

Since Then...

The party arranged with Diogenes to occupy the previously encountered coastal fortress and use it as a base of operations in the area (especially important since Baraata’s stronghold in that region had been razed.

Upon arriving at said coastal fortress, the party discovered some refugees has already moved in (and were under siege by a ship crewed by bad guys. The party quickly defeated the unprepared baddies and added a 3rd ship to the fleet in the process. Turns out the refugees had been victims of a rampage of a coalition of giants. The party split up to attack the different giant strongholds simultaneously (thus throwing them off balance and unable to reinforce each other). So far it has worked, though it nearly got everyone killed. The threat of death was so prominent in fact, that a ritual was used to coordinate a new plan. Reunite the party and finish off the giants as a combined force.



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