Smugglers of Kristophan

Tower of Irritation part 7

After leaving the dead and undead filth the party emerged it a pleasant forested area with huge trees and thick vegetation and a layer of leaves on the ground. The path seemed blocked but they found and area of tangle vines that Tatsu was able to hack through with his axe. Tatsu, taking his job as mine sweeper seriously, wasted no time in finding a patch of lightning sand and sacrificed himself to the all mighty Zarlack. The party quickly tied a rope to Gigantus and he went fishing for Tatsu. About 20’ down in the powdery sand they found each other, shared a moment, and then Gigantus pulled on the rope to signal for retrieval, They were then pulled out of the sand clutching tightly to each other, sadly not to the surprise of the rest of the party. The rogues were then tasked with spotting any more lightning sand. While Mungus was scouting for sand traps he was attacked by rodents of unusual size in the next clearing. Between Bob stepping up to take out (finish off) two of the beasts and the parties effective use of flame spurting periodically from the ground the foes were vanquished. Unfortunately the peace was not meant to last as the party was entering another, larger clearing, they were again attacked from above and bellow by the foul ROUS’s and then flanked by two shambling mounds one of which eventually enveloped Tatsu. Tatsu not taking kindly to the prickly pear bear hug invoked a little power of his own giving the rest of the party a great show as the offending shambling mound exploded in a burst of holy fire. In another smaller clearing with some very large trees Mungus invoked the spirit of his deceased father to guide his sword and find the knot that would open the way ahead. A large opening appeared in one of the trees and inside was a staircase leading upward.

The level above seemed empty but when the party entered they were transported to separate rooms and forced to play a game. In the game a member of the party would be paired with another member of the party and a gem placed between them. Each person had to choose whether to give or take the gem. After the choice was made a new pairing occurred until all possible combinations were played. The party members were then again transported to be alone in one of the 9 sections of the level. On their “turn” the previous decision was announced and the consequence meted out. If one person took the gem and the other gave, the giver was punished by a devil? appearing before them, the taker had a gem appear at his feet. For all other combinations bother people had 2 devils appear flanking them. To make things more interesting the partitions separating the sections would change from force to fog to fire and back to force.

Tatsu and Gigantus chose to fight their foes alone while the other party joined up and dispatched the devils with minimal effort.

On the next level we entered a room with some stuff in it (what stuff). In one cabinet we found a crystal ball that worked like a security screen showing images of all the levels we had passed through. Mungus noticed that some of the lower levels were “resetting”, returning to the state in which we had found them. There was also a curtain that hid a passage into the next room but couldn’t be held aside to allow those in the first room to see the goings on in the second room. But all that happened could be heard. Some of the party went into the second room and found some undead dudes including a lich.

blah, blah blah, we made a deal with the lich and he gave us a bunch of stuff. We now have to track down someone who wronged the lich and bring him back alive.

Book we found in the Arcane Library – each character may read one chapter and gain the background associated with the area: A History of Faerun Vol 1

XP: 1150 to each character from Scott and Mark’s portions (combined)



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