Bobilius Phett

A half-Elf Cleric with an agreeable disposition towards others.


Lv 12 Half-elf Cleric, Align: Good, Deity: Avandra, STR 9, CON 13, DEX 11, INT 14, WIS 21, CHA 18, Max HP 80, Trained in: Arcana, Diplomacy, Heal, Insight, and Religion. Languages known: Common, Elven, Giant, Draconic, Supernal and Primordial. Feats: Healer’s Implement, Human Perseverance, Jack of all Trades, Implement Expertise (Holy Symbol), Linguist, Skill Training (Heal), Extended Healing and Radiant Vessel.

AT-WILL POWERS: Astral Seal, Sacred Flame
ENCOUNTER POWERS: Storm Walk, Exacting Utterance, Divine Fortune, Healer’s Mercy, Hymn of Resurgence, Zealous Sanction and Reversal of Fortunes.
DAILY POWERS: Beacon of Hope, Consecrated Ground and Dismissal.
UTILITY POWERS: Return from Death’s Door, Spirit of Healing, Mass Cure Light Wounds and Miraculous Grace.

Magic Items currently using: Crusader’s Mace +2, Mithral Chainmail +2, Feystep Lacings, Brooch of Vitality +3, Healer’s Sash, Symbol of life +1, Bridal of Conjuration, Shroud of Protection, Stone of light.

Magic Item Wish List:

Lv 1:Restful bedroll.

Lv 2:Dwarven Armor, Holy Healer Weapon, Cloak of Resistance, Reading Spectacles, Gem of Colloquy, Shroud of Protection.

Lv 3:Armor of Exploits, Battle standard of Healing, Gloves of Piercing, Brooch of No Regrets, Floating Lantern.

Lv 4:Medic’s Weapon, Cloak of Distortion, Friend’s Gift, Healer’s Brooch, Power Jewel, Exalted Armor, Armor of Sacrifice, Instant Campsite.

Lv 6:Goblin Stompers.

Lv 7:Circlet of Authority, Bracers of Defense, Lens of Reading, Shroud of Revival.

Lv 8:Sacred Mask, Coif of Mindiron, Starlight goggles, Diadem of Acuity, Mace of Healing, Holy Gauntlets.

Lv 9:Diamond Bracers, Green Thumbs, *Spell Anchor, Crusader’s Weapon.

Lv 10:Circlet of Continuity.

Lv 11:Healer’s Sash.

Lv 12:Crest of Vigilance Eternal, *Gloves of the Healer, Foe Stone.

Lv 13:Periapt of Wisdom, Cord of Divine Favor.

Lv 14:*Pennant Helm, Circlet of Arkhosia, Ring of Calling, Ring of Feather Fall, Helm of Able Defense, Tombforged Armor, Cherished Ring.

Lv 15:Carcanet of Psychic Schism, Ring of Aquatic Ability, Brooch of Vitality, Cloak of Displacement.

Lv 18:Mask of the Matriarch

Bobilius learned to sail working for his uncle who was a trader. Learning the trade and having a natural aptitude towards leadership and negotiation (with a little nepotism mixed in) he rose through the ranks. He left his uncles employ, taking a position of 2nd in command on a vessel that ventured much farther from home giving Bobilius the opportunity to see new thing and meet new people. Bobilius believes that most people are generally good and can be reasoned with but understands that those that can’t are also part of the business. For this reason he has tried to search out the respectable traders to do business with and leave the rabble to fight amongst themselves.

Bobilius Phett

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