Bobilius Phett's uncle


Shamus “Ator” Athelor, Bobilius Phett’s uncle, was a large influence in Bobilius’ life. He mentored him from a young age teaching him about sailing, the sea and good living. He was a cheerful man and helped Bobilius and his mother when his father was away. When Bobilius’s father failed to return from a business trip Ator hired young Bobilius as part of the crew of his merchant ship.

Ator arranged for Bobilius to hire on to a larger ship owned by a fellow merchant, the Rocinante, to further his skills, make new contacts and see more of the world with the idea that someday Bobilius would return and join with Ator to open up new horizons for the business. When they parted ways Ator seemed in good spirits and all seemed well so Bobilius found it disturbing to find one of his uncles main ships under the control of the crime lord Diogenes.

After gaining a commission from Diogenes to sail the Aboleth is Pants (Ator’s former ship), Bobilius Phett finds a cubbyhole, probably put there by Ator, with a fragment of a map on a piece of parchment. (Took place at the end of the Treasure Island adventure)



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