Gaylord Anaxarchus

Controller Wizard


+7 initiative

21 Passive Insight
16 Passive Perception
low-light vision

22 AC 16 Fort 21 Ref 22 Will

57 HP

Languages: Common, Elven, [Supernal]

Feats: Ritual Caster, Armor Proficiency (Leather), Toughness, Implement Expertise (Orb), Blade Initiate (multiclass Swordmage), Acolyte Power (multiclass power swap utility)

Skills: Acro 6, Arcana +22[20], Athl 4, Bluff +8, Dipl +8, Dung +11, Endu +5, Heal +6, Hist +19[17], Insi +11, Inti +8, Nature +11, Perc +6, Reli +10, Stea +6, Stree +8, Thie +5,
[Familiar bonus]

+2 Shimmering Cloth Armor, +1 Communal Long Sword, Dagger

+1 Orb of Inevitable Continuance, +2 Orb

Amulet of Resolution +1, Casque of Tactics

Familiar: Book Imp “Morty”


Gender: M – Age: 142 – Height: 5’11" – Weight: 165 – Hometown: Faroen – Alignment: Good – Deity: Polytheist

Gaylord loves the sea as much as he loves the search for knowledge (especially arcana). He’s served on a variety of ships, seeking a new experience every decade or two. Most recently he served on the Rocinante for almost 10 years until it was eaten by an Aboleth.

Magic Item Wishlist:

[armor] lvl 12 (3) or lvl 17 (4) Irrefutable Armor (cloth) Power (Daily): Free Action. Use this power when you miss with an attack that targets Will defense. Reroll your attack with a power bonus equal to the enhancement bonus of this armor.

[head] lvl 3 Arcanist’s Glasses [Property: Gain a +3 item bonus to Arcana checks to detect magic.]

Gaylord Anaxarchus

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