Gigantus Brutalis

Giant of Revis, Champion of the Potato Festival


AC: 19

FORT: 15

REF: 14

WILL: 13

Passive Insight: 12

Passive Perception: 12

Max HP: 35


Languages: Common, Giant

Current Magical Items:
  • Thundering Short Sword
  • Shield of Bashing
  • Bracers of Mighty Striking

Desired Magical Items:
  • Mithral Armor (Scale or Plate)
  • Restful Bedroll


The largest Halfling ever to be born in Revis by at least half an inch. Naturally brawny and raised with strong morals, he quickly fell into the role of protector of his tiny village. When the Dire Rabbits of Northshire invaded a local lettuce farm he personally clubbed to death the ringleader. When the village donkey went mad and began kicking every dog in sight it was Gigantus that wrestled him to the ground and strangled him to death.

His great deeds convinced his mother that he had a great destiny outside the village. Soon after his fiftieth birthday he left the nest to pursue a career in super-heroism. Being a sailor/smuggler is just his day job.

Gigantus Brutalis

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