You wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley


Artful dodger Rogue

AC 20
Fort 14
Ref 20
Will 17
Passive Insight 19
Passive Perception 19

Usual attacks:
Short sword or sling with a sly flourish
Positioning strike

Magic item wishlist:
cool roguish stuff

Magic items I have:
Short sword +2
Sling +1
Serpentskin Armor +1
Burglar Gloves +1
Boots of Spider Climbing
Bridle of Conjuration


Separated from his family by the chaos of the collapsing empire Mungus learned to fend for himself on the streets of Morgad. After becoming the prime suspects in a robbery they did not commit (wink wink) Mungus and Otto decided to take work on a ship and leave town for a while.

Life at sea is good for Mungus. He found that he enjoyed work as a sailor, even though he had to be careful not to accidentally acquire items left about carelessly by his shipmates ;) He doesn’t miss life on the streets. He has acquired a strong dislike for kobolds.


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