Tatsu Lung

Head of ship security, and overall moral compass to the party. A womanizing drunk.


Paladin – Raven Queen
HP: 108
AC: 33
Fort: 22
Ref: 22
Will: 26

Primary Weapon: Dragonslayer Battle Axe +2 or Vanguard Execution Axe +3
Secondary Weapon: Medics Flail +1

Black Iron Gith Plate Armor +3, Heavy Sheild of Protection,


Magic Items
Raven Cloak +2 (Neck Slot)
Gloves of Piercing (Hand Slot)
Black Feather of the Raven Queen +2 (Neck Slot)
Bridle of Conjuration
Skull Mask (Heroic Tier)


Originally from Dragonshome

Wish List:

…more to come

Tatsu Lung

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