Infernal Warlock (multiclass Wizard) XO of the Aboleth is Pants: "I will use your darkness against you"


Infernal pact Warlock, multiclassed into Wizard, ranged striker who will get in melee range a bit

AC 22
Fort 20
Ref 21
Will 18
Passive Insight 19
Passive Perception 14

Usual attacks:
Fire, Implement keyword powers using Flame Wand plus Rod or Staff

Magic item wishlist (in order):
Eagle Eye goggles (level 12): +2 to ranged basic attack
Rod of the infernal +2 (level 8) – when pact boon triggered add enhancement to Temp HP gained, Daily minor: gain Temp HP = level + INT mod

Magic items I have:
Flame Wand +2 (lev 8, primary):+1 damage on fire+fear powers, Scorching Burst encounter
Quickcurse Rod +1 (lev 2, offhand):curse 1 target in sight encounter
Cloak of Resistance +2 (lev 7, neck):Fort, Ref, Will, daily resist 5 for 1 turn
Battle Harness (leather) +3 (lev 14, armor):+3 AC, add enhancement to init, draw sheathed/stowed item for free instead of minor
Bracers of Perfect Shot (lev 3):+2 damage from ranged basic attack (Eldritch Blast)
Staff of Fiery Might +2 (lev 7, offhand): after rolling damage can reroll up to enhancement bonus (Fire powers only)


From Bok, an officer on the Rocinante for several years and was the second officer when it was destroyed. Wants to make his fortune and acquire power through seafaring and being a senior officer on a ship. Uses darkness to fight darkness in order to bring about good.

Is willing to be led, but often assumes command when action (not diplomacy) is required. This is one reason why he likes Bobilius as Captain and is willing to take orders from him – they compliment each other’s abilities.


Smugglers of Kristophan Booneron