Smugglers of Kristophan

Goblin Clan Battle and Bermuda Triangle


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Awards (total award value):
Jared-Most (full) rounds with possession of Golden Spear (1000g residuum)
Ben, Dave, Jared, Scott-Most damage to mortal enemy (1000g residuum)
Ben, Dave, Mark, Kurtt-Least damage to ally (500g residuum)
Jared-First to take possession of golden spear (200G residuum)
Mark, Jared-Most alpha goblin kills (200G residuum)
Jared-First Alpha Goblin kill (gift basket)
Dave-Most overall damage (gift basket)
Dave-Most individual enemies killed (gift basket)
Each gift basket is 250g worth of alchemical items – winner may choose their own items.
Also, if multiple people got the same award, split up the total value equally.

Then we sailed to meet Baraata to escort him and his cargo to Kristophan. While on the way, we went through a Bermuda Triangle like area and ended up having the Aboleth is Pants in our space-time continuum merge with another one. We were able to fight them off – both Vra’uul’s recognized the value of killing the Captain first and attacked each doppleganger Bobilious. Yeah, that was it. We managed to escape but in the process, our Aboleth is Pants got 1/2 fused with the other one and things on the ship changed slightly. Of greatest concern, all our crew minus the security assistant disappeared, along with all of Baraata’s cargo that we’re supposed to deliver to Diogenes! D’oh!

Combined XP: 1800XP, new total: 25105
Non Goblin Clan Battle Treasure:
From Futhark the Lich:
-8500 gp worth of gems (17 black pearls worth 500 gp each to be precise)
-3 healing potions
-20,000 gp worth of residuum

From the Goblin Army Command tents:
-12360 gold in treasure chest
-4740g worth of residuum in a separate chest (they must have found lots of items and disenchanted them)

This is all treasure we gained over 8th and 9th level. Diogenes agreed to pay us to escort Baraata to him so we will be paid once we do so.
Total for each character:
-2980 gold
-3535 residuum

Tower of Irritation part 7

After leaving the dead and undead filth the party emerged it a pleasant forested area with huge trees and thick vegetation and a layer of leaves on the ground. The path seemed blocked but they found and area of tangle vines that Tatsu was able to hack through with his axe. Tatsu, taking his job as mine sweeper seriously, wasted no time in finding a patch of lightning sand and sacrificed himself to the all mighty Zarlack. The party quickly tied a rope to Gigantus and he went fishing for Tatsu. About 20’ down in the powdery sand they found each other, shared a moment, and then Gigantus pulled on the rope to signal for retrieval, They were then pulled out of the sand clutching tightly to each other, sadly not to the surprise of the rest of the party. The rogues were then tasked with spotting any more lightning sand. While Mungus was scouting for sand traps he was attacked by rodents of unusual size in the next clearing. Between Bob stepping up to take out (finish off) two of the beasts and the parties effective use of flame spurting periodically from the ground the foes were vanquished. Unfortunately the peace was not meant to last as the party was entering another, larger clearing, they were again attacked from above and bellow by the foul ROUS’s and then flanked by two shambling mounds one of which eventually enveloped Tatsu. Tatsu not taking kindly to the prickly pear bear hug invoked a little power of his own giving the rest of the party a great show as the offending shambling mound exploded in a burst of holy fire. In another smaller clearing with some very large trees Mungus invoked the spirit of his deceased father to guide his sword and find the knot that would open the way ahead. A large opening appeared in one of the trees and inside was a staircase leading upward.

The level above seemed empty but when the party entered they were transported to separate rooms and forced to play a game. In the game a member of the party would be paired with another member of the party and a gem placed between them. Each person had to choose whether to give or take the gem. After the choice was made a new pairing occurred until all possible combinations were played. The party members were then again transported to be alone in one of the 9 sections of the level. On their “turn” the previous decision was announced and the consequence meted out. If one person took the gem and the other gave, the giver was punished by a devil? appearing before them, the taker had a gem appear at his feet. For all other combinations bother people had 2 devils appear flanking them. To make things more interesting the partitions separating the sections would change from force to fog to fire and back to force.

Tatsu and Gigantus chose to fight their foes alone while the other party joined up and dispatched the devils with minimal effort.

On the next level we entered a room with some stuff in it (what stuff). In one cabinet we found a crystal ball that worked like a security screen showing images of all the levels we had passed through. Mungus noticed that some of the lower levels were “resetting”, returning to the state in which we had found them. There was also a curtain that hid a passage into the next room but couldn’t be held aside to allow those in the first room to see the goings on in the second room. But all that happened could be heard. Some of the party went into the second room and found some undead dudes including a lich.

blah, blah blah, we made a deal with the lich and he gave us a bunch of stuff. We now have to track down someone who wronged the lich and bring him back alive.

Book we found in the Arcane Library – each character may read one chapter and gain the background associated with the area: A History of Faerun Vol 1

XP: 1150 to each character from Scott and Mark’s portions (combined)

Tower of Irritation, part 6

As the party ascends the spiral staircase, now having to hold their breath, they come up into a cathedral type setting with stone columns equally spaced. There are several creatures lurking about as well as decaying bodies hanging from the ceiling in between the columns. Gigantus and tatsu are the first ones out. They head different directions to set up defensive positions against what seems to be a mass of screaming heads while the rest of the party fill in the middle. Otto steps up and takes on the zombie beholder only to be beat down, literally, to the ground. Mungus awoke from his nap and decided that stairs are not very comfortable. Emerging from the staircase he found Otto lying in his own gore. He powerfully struck down the beholder zombie only to have it rise again shortly after and yet again pound Otto to the ground. The party was able to effectively dispatch the baddies and make their way to the staircase at the other end of the room.

XP for parts 5&6: 1,865 each MNP: ???

Tower of Irritation, part 5

Once rested from the battle with the fen hydra’s the party searched around finding a secret door in the corner of the room. Otto managed to deftly hit himself in the face as he opened the cover of the door mechanism. Once activated the door swung open (who’d a guessed!) and sucked Otto, Tatsu and Vra’uul through a corridor of tight turns slamming them against the walls until they were spit out on the next level. As they were spit out they were engulfed in darkness. Tatsu passed through falling back in a pool of water but Vra’uul and Otto were not so lucky as the living darkness grabbed hold of them. As Vra’uul and Otto struggled to free themselves the rest of the party joined Tatsu in the pool. Visibility was extremely limited with the darkness above and what turned out to be a wind wall creating so much turbulence that the party could not see though it. Once free Otto decided to venture through the wind wall and found himself face to face with a gibbering mouther. Actually there were two mouthers and two mouther swarms in the room on the other side of the wind wall so Otto quickly retreated back into the water and did his best impression of the gibbering mouthers to inorm the party of their impending doom. Unfortunately, this was not much different than his usual state, so little notice was taken.

As the party took the initiative to split up those still in the water attacked the darkness while those outside the wind wall fought the mouthers. Those outside the wind wall quickly started to feel the effects of being outside the water as they started to suffer ill effects as they suffocated. partway through the battle the party was joined by Pasca the mage (out of nowhere…like magic!). Tatsu once again wore the mantle of the martyr outside the wind wall. Gaylord sensing uneven odds cast ???? pushing two of the three living darknesses outside of the wind wall. The party found a psudo ally in the darknesses outside the wind wall as they would attack mouther as well as the party. After dispatching the darknesses and mouthers the party returned to the water to evaluate their situation, Tatsu having to be pushed back through the wind wall by Bob because of the side effects he was suffering. Otto ventured back out to search the room finding a secret set of double doors. Upon opening one of the doors a wave of putrid stench washed over him nearly causing him to wretch so he fled back into the water. Once they had their wits about them the party made their way into the room to find rotting flesh and filth on the floor and dripping from the ceiling. A pair of carrion crawlers were working the ceiling pulling filth through while a otyugh was wallowing bellow. There were several large columns of murky water scattered around the room but were to filthy to see into or out of. The party started to filter into the room moving into and out of the columns to avoid the effects of breathing the air for too long. The cc and otyugh attack joined by a poltergeist. The party finds a second otyugh just minding it’s own business in one of the columns as Otto tries to enter so that one decides to join in the fight as well. Through some strategic use of spells to hamper the movement of a few of the monsters the party is able to control (somewhat) the battlefield and dispatch the uglies. After the battle the party finds another jewel encrusted lever mostly covered by goo on the far wall from the doors and also finds a spiral staircase leading up hidden in one of the columns.

Tower of Irritation, part 4

As the party ascended to the next level they noticed a grate in the floor and water running down the stairs at their feet. At the top of the stairs was a room with a large set of double doors which had water leaking through around the edges. When Otto unlocked the door it burst open releasing a wall of water. To keep the party from washing back to the previous level a gate swung shut at the bottom of the stairs dashing any hopes of retreat. The party fought the current, well everyone but Tatsu, who couldn’t figure out how to coordinate his arms and legs in a swimming like motion and he almost drowned. Well not really but he had to hold his breath for a while because he got pulled by the current back around the corner and down to the gate so he wasn’t in the main corridor when Otto triggered the magic lever which filled the hallway with an enchantment allowing the party to breathe underwater. With the help of some rope the party sent back to him we were able to pull in our anchor and re-activate the lever. Access to the next room was blocked by a portcullis but the rouges deftly found a mechanism hidden in the wall and activated it lowering the bars. Unfortunately for the party the rouges had failed to check for traps and once activated the control mechanism sent an electric current through the corridor blessing the whole party with a better then coffee wake up call and reminded them to not leave the rouges unattended.

The next room was much larger and populated by flesheater sharks with odd ray like boxes on their heads. The sharks were ridden by sinkhole chuuls. There were also several schools of piranha. As the party lurked in the entry way they were spotted by a chuul which raised the alarm and the battle commenced. One of the chuuls activated another lever reversing the flow of the water through the hallway which caused the party to make athletic checks to stay put or get washed out into open water like Bobilius bravely did. Gaylord effectively used icy terrain to slow the attackers down while Tatsu once again invited the Raven Queen to wrap him in her cool embrace. But not to be outdone, and to escape the relentless gnawing of the piranha Otto practically fed himself to one of the sharks and only by the heroic actions of the other party members did he avoid getting a more extensive tour of the sharks innards.

Once the party successfully cheated death yet again they found the next obstacle was an area filled with a appearing/disappearing wall maze. As Vra’uul ventured in he happend upon a school of baby piranah which engulfed him. The rest of the party entered the area but movement was very difficult givens the transitory nature of the walls. As the party slowly made its way through the “maze” battling several swarms of piranah spawn they had to alter their tactics to utilize visibility when they had it and moving when they could. Eventually the party successfully found their way through to a vacant room on the other side where they rested. Once rested the Otto examined the only door in the room. Finding a similar lock mechanism to the other doors he activated it. Once activated the flow of water in the room and as the door open it sucked Otto and Tatsu through. The room had several back lit slits on the side wall with water jetting out creating a heavy current towards the other wall with unfortunately for Otto was covered in spikes of various lengths and sizes. As Otto and Tatsu made their way across the spiked wall towards a door by (trying to) hold themselves of the spikes well enough to move Vra’uul decided to share the pain with his dragonborn pal and swam out far enough so that when the current pushed him to the wall he “landed” on Tatsu further impaling him on the spikes. Oddly Tatsu took to his new roll as pin cushion with a rather positive attitude. Gigantus was able to easily work his way over with Otto while Bob led from the rear and waited in the only non-spiked area just inside the door while Gaylord heroicly waited in the previous room. Once again Otto found a familiar mechanism and activated it but instead of the door opening the whole spiked wall laid down becoming the floor as the current “gently” pushed the party into the waiting maws of a pair of fen Hydras. The hydras unleashed a flurry of attacks heavily wounding several party members as they got their wits about them to return the attack. Gaylord used his golden barbie spell to great effect as it lured and immobilized one of the hydras allowing the party to focus on the other. Tatsu took the role of martyr upon himself and keep taunting the hydras to attack him which for the most part they gladly obliged. Through a war of attricion and a lot of healing the party was able to dispatch the hydra menace. Again the party decided to take an extended rest to lick their wounds, which were now cover in hydra goo, before moving on.

XP: 2,445 each MNP: ???

Tower of Irritation, part 3

Vra’uul heroically took little damage and killed many enemies – hey, he was just doing what was right for his particular idiom.

Although cramped, the landing where the stairs went up into the next level provided an adequate spot to stop. Exhausted, we took an extended rest – nearly all Daily powers and healing surges had been used.

Then, we went climbed the stairs and found a clock and a portal. The clock seemed to be running down and it was set for 10 rounds. After going through the portal we arrived on the holodeck, but unfortunately, it was also a cross with the LOST hatch, with some Harry Potter time turners thrown in…

It looked to us that we were in a wooded area with no obvious barriers that would match the tower walls. We urged Tatsu to join us in a group hug so that we would all have the damage bonus during the inevitable encounter. Since this was the first encounter of the day, with no threats at all, Tatsu refused and decided to explore the area instead. Otto spotted what looked like a portal but it was hard to see and kept moving around. We found that the portal became more defined and less sparkly when the uglies with the hourglass pendants were killed. Periodically we would hear a scary noise altering us that time was running out. We didn’t know what would happen at the end but we assumed it would be bad. Cross-the-streams bad.

With time counting down, Tatsu walked into a trap that set the battle in motion. Gigantus heroically came to his aid and was lost in the darkness that consumed the area. Gaylord was next on the scene and he cast light on his sword so the party could see what was happening. He successfully cast Visions of Avarice to immobilize and control the enemies. There were 4 Ghost Trolls (2 each of brutes and lurkers) plus 3 Shadow Hounds who created the darkness.

Shortly after, the two rogues showed some astounding team work as they blinded and attacked with their area attacks back to back causing confusion and pain amongst our foes. While this was going on Gigantus and Tatsu quickly learned that marking the bad guys was a very poor decision, the bad guys where able to reflect the marks back on to the “markers” causing all the negatives to apply to their originators. Vra’uul cast area effect after area effect to great effect (thanks to the Visions of Avarice).

Otto noticed that the Ghost Trolls were all using a pendant, shaped like an hourglass, to gain extra actions. He tried to steal one but to no avail.

The party quickly came into shape and found itself controlling the battle. Otto attempted to come to the aid of Gigantus and Tatsu fighting on the opposite side of the battle from the rest of the party. Sadly he fell in this attempt. After the battle was done, the party collected the time turner pendants from the fallen foes. Tatsu, being angry with the party for some disparaging comments early in the day, left the rogue to his fate (confident the Raven Queen would welcome him). Will Tatsu use the anger to power his wrath, or will he learn to control his temper to the benefit of the party?. Will the party members’ luck run out in the tower and someone actually die? Will the time turners function outside of the tower level? The answer is no.

XP: 575 per person
MNP: not voted yet

Tower of Irritation, part 2
November 28

Up to the 3rd of Gandalf-knows-how-many floors went our intrepid heroes. They found themselves in a another hallway, this time one littered with traps set around on a slick and slippery floor. High jinks ensued. First, Otto purposely set off one of the traps, likely releasing a couple of ghosts who proceeded to possess his and Vrau’ul’s bodies. The ghosts would force them to move in front of the slider walls so that they would get pushed into the pit. Tatsu squirted himself into one of the man-sized bug-zappers and Otto got pushed into one by his own remotely controlled feet. To stay out of the “fun with electricity” pits the party started sliding in semi-controlled slides from wall to wall avoiding the pushy walls and thus avoiding the pits. In an aggressive assertion of his ability to bravely advance away from the peril Vrau’ul discovered that the last of the walls was illusory as he slid through it into yet another pit-o-static cling. Fortunately, Otto made up for his misadventure by performing the coolest looking trick of the night by sliding past a pushy wall on his knees, grabbing the bordering wall just in time to toss a rope to the charbroiled Vrau’ul. More high jinks ensued and all got a good chuckle as Tatsu wallowed about helplessly for some time and got himself sprung backwards in a very cartoon like spring trap. Failing the fortitude save, Otto laughed so hard that just a little pee came out. The heroes (Bobilius and Mungus), in spite of the parties bumbling managed to eliminate the ghosts and traverse and slippery floors to join the rest of the party. True to form the party callously shook off the tragically wise and ignored suggestions to take an extended rest before continuing up the next flight of stairs.

The room at the top of the stairs on the fourth floor contained only a portal. Without thought or planning Tatsu and Otto entered the portal. They were teleported to separate rooms. Each room had another portal at the other end. However there were various nasty creatures in each room. Otto’s room (6) had a big ugly Foulspawn Hulk and Tatsu’s (2) contained two Foulspawn Manglers wielding many pointy daggers and a Foulspawn Grue wielding creepy mind powers. The rest of the party, out of misplaced loyalty, followed them into the portal. Mungus ended up with Tatsu in room 2. Vrau’l and Bobilius tried going into the portal holding hands to see if they would go to the same place but to no avail. Vrau’ul appeared in room 6 with Otto. Bobilius got the opportunity to work on his tanking skills (while quietly contemplating the wisdom of following the ones wearing helmets and drool cups into the portals without preparation) with a room (5) all to himself… except for the 2 mummies and a scarab swarm. Gigantus got to play the bully role with a horde of shadow goblins in room 4 and Gaylord ran like a little fey girl after teleporting himself past the Slaads in his room (1). Gaylord’s tactical exit from that battle sent him to a chamber with the stairs leading to the next level and a pair of Shades of Fallen Heroes. Fortunately they were quite easy for him to dispatch, though he did not make it through unscathed. After pausing for a moment to catch his breath, Gaylord decided that if he waited for his companions to join him before proceeding up the stairs, he might be leaving alone, and in that spirit dashed back into the teleporter. After some fun (also know as almost getting broken in half) Tatsu and Mungus finished off their foes and Vrau’ul pushed the big guy into the portal but he was too late to prevent Otto from getting a personal introduction to the raven queen. After healing Otto Vrau’ul went through the portal appearing in room 4 which was now littered with the corpses of shadow goblins. Vrau’ul helped Gigantus finish off the remaining goblins then both proceeded through the teleporter once more. Mungus played tag with Tatsu until they ended up in room 3 with the corpse of the Hulk (Foulspawn that is), a hell hound and 2 fire snakes. Mungus just ran right through leaving Tatsu to bask in the fiery glow. However he decided he was not dragonborn enough for it and followed Mungus through the portal after dodging the uglies. Bobilius, through desperate healing and dumb luck somehow managed to survive the mummy onslaught until Gaylord found his way into room 5. He showed up just in time to help Bobilius (and his Sacred Ground) finish off the swarm and one of the mummies. Once Bobilius had a clear path he ran, whimpering and bleeding profusely, to the exit portal strategically allowing Gaylord to intervene on his behalf with the mummy while he got some more healing. Gaylord quickly roasted the remaining mummy with his flaming sphere, then after a moment in Bobilius’s aid station (Sacred Ground), he ran through the portal and back into the fray in room 1 with the Slaads where Mungus and Vrau’ul had ended up. Meanwhile Gigantus had joined Tatsu (he just couldn’t stay away) in the room of fire creatures and all fought desperately to survive (except Bobilius who decided to man the aid station for a bit). To be continued…..

Tower of Irritation, part 1

Following Barclays map, the party found themselves at the gate of a strange magical tower. It was pretty clear that the regalia they were searching for would be inside, so Otto fearlessly kicked the rusted gates, knocking them over, and the party proceeded into the grounds. While approaching the tower’s entrance, a magical trap detonated spraying some of the party with acid, then four gargoyles animated and attacked. Tatsu needed to prove his manliness after seeing Otto’s feat of strength at the gate and proceeded to knock down one of the stone columns the gargoyle’s were swooping down and attacking from. After destroying two of the creatures, the other two reverted to statue form and became almost invincible to the party’s attacks. Rather than wait, the party simply picked the magical lock at the entrance and proceeded inside.

Once inside, the party secured the doors as best they could to keep the gargoyles from sneaking up on them. They were in a large chamber filled with several small pillars and four large ones. While exploring, they were attacked by Quicklings and Banshrae. The largest pillars pulsed from time to time pulling the party members towards them and making the whole battlefield a bit chaotic. Eventually the party was victorious and proceeded up a flight of stairs to the next floor.

It quickly became apparent that the next challenge was a maze. A maze that also happened to be filled with traps and an ill-tempered minotaur. The party got split by the moving walls of the maze with Tatsu, Otto and Mungus battling heroically with the minotaur while Vra’uul lead the rest of the party through the more trap laden portion of the maze. Once around the first corner Vra’uul] promptly set about tripping a spear trap to injure Gigantus, not sure if the first incident did enough damage he tripped it again to get the damage up to a more heroic level. Later on the fearless cleric Bolilius learned what pain was by being slammed around left and right while forging his way through the mine field. On the other side of the maze the two rogues went down a twisty hallway that was concealed by a fake wall, it had too many spikes to feel safe so they promptly left that passage to find out where Tatsu Lung, the meat pie, had gone off to, they later found him making out with the minotaur, they watched for a while but decided enough is enough and made a coughing sound to draw attention to themselves. Thus ended the epic battle for the second floor.

Barclays Map 2

We continued on to the mountains in search of a cave where another piece of the Golden Lion Battle Regalia is rumored to be.

We found an old mine that contained one of the items we where looking for. After letting the rogues sneak around and not find anything useful Tatsu Lung got tired of waiting and banged his way into the mine. Thus destroying any hope of sneaking into the mine. After another tense waiting period to see if anyone was going to attack the now noisy party, nothing happened. So Tatsu Lung decided to make their presence even more known. After everyone entered the main room of the mine we noticed there where some sounds but could not see anyone. Since any chance at stealth had gone by-by Bob called out to whomever was there that we meant no harm and would like to talk to them. A goblin, who seemed to be the leader, responded to the call while a bunch of bug bears who were hiding in some pools of water emerged and took up strategic positions around the party. While Bob was trying to use some diplomacy, with some success, to see if we could obtain the item with out fighting, Tatsu Lung decided enough was enough, he strolled up to the Goblin and intimidated him demanding to know if he had what we were looking for or not. With the goblin cowering and trying to get away from Tatsu, Tatsu and Bob played good cop bad cop and were able to get the mace. The party was able to create a convincing fake Mace for our new Red Hand friends to give to their military leaders. We found out from the goblin that the Army of the Red Hand was also searching for the pieces of the Regalia. They also gave us some distracting information about some valley to the east. We left as quickly as we could, not wanting to be anywhere near when army of the Red Hand arrived to collect the Mace.

We continued our search pattern and located a new item deep in a swamp. We narrowed down the location to be in the ruins of a castle, Swamp Castle. The rogues and Gigantus climbed up on one of the remaining walls to survey the area and found a pool that looked pretty deep. After some depth tests Gigantus was sent down and found a submerged tunnel that seemed to be going in the right direction. At least, we assumed it was in the right direction – we didn’t really have anywhere else to go. With further probing he found an underground chamber that still had air. The rest of the party was able to get to the chamber without anyone drowning. We then had to jump across a gap in a collapsed staircase. Bob in yet another showing of casm crossing prowess gracefully flipped, over the heads of the party members landing safely on the far side. Even Tatsu made it without falling in.

We found a room with some urns and, being suspicious, Gaylord used his Mage Hand spell to move them to us. And a good thing it was as a huge blade swung from the ceiling and would have obliterated anyone in its path. We successfully retrieved the urns and a couple of them contained some magic items.

The next room had weird lines of purple flame (about a foot high) on the floor and a variety of undead creatures. Mungus displayed his awesome rogue skillz and single handedly wiped them out.

The undead appeared to be guarding a wooden chest in the adjacent room. In it we found 1 piece of the battle regalia set as well as:
1900 gold
Ritual: Remove Affliction + 1000gp components
Ritual: Speak with Dead + 280gp components
Ritual: Leomund’s Secret Chest 360gp + 140gp components
Ritual: Create Holy Water + 375gp components
600 gold worth of mystic salves
Alchemical items: Lockburst Chalk Level 4, 3 Blastpatch Level 4 900XP per person

Barclays Map

When we got back to Kristophan we were met at the dock by a messenger that told us Diogenes requested a meeting at our convenience. We delivered the girl and met with Captain Picard of the Guard. He congratulated us on the success of our mission and told us he would have more work for us in the future, but he would pay us.

We took care of some aquistions and then went to meet with Diogenes. We were escorted to a lower level of the tower and it was apparent that Diogenes was in the middle of an interrogation, or torture session. The recipient being a bloodied gnome. Diogenes took us aside and described the new assignment, to acquire the Golden Lion Battle Regalia set, give it to Baraata, and escort him back to Diogenes. He knew the location of one of the five pieces and expected us to find the rest of the set. He offered us 400 gp each for successful completion. Mungus was skeptical that 400 hundred was worth it. Bobilius negotiated and Diogenes agreed to 450 each and that was enough for the rest of the party.

The party set off towards Greyweather and was making good time when the bad weather set in. Surprise, surprise. It was decided to press on and endure the elements. When we arrived at the town it was under attack by a large group of hobgoblins and bugbears. We slaughtered the attackers and then sullied our hero status by immediately trying to negotiate for possession of the Lion cloak worn by the leader of the guards. We then wandered about the town trying to get more information on the other pieces.

We found a monastery dedicated to the Regalia and eventually talked a monk into giving us more information after assuring him that we wouldn’t let the Regalia fall into the wrong hands. He gave us a magical map (St. Barclay’s Map) that would show us the approximate location of the other pieces if we got close enough (within 20 miles). Based on the terrain and location of the forest, where the Army of the Red Hand was camped, we decided on a route to try and locate more pieces.

After resting up we set off. After (some period of time?) we entered a region where the grass grew to 10 ft. or more. The party was riding single file so as to not lose each other in the sea of grass. Tatsu, Otto and Mungus heard something ahead and called for a stop to investigate. Tatsu moved up and almost stepped on a hidden bugbear but didn’t notice it until it attacked him. The party was attacked by 3 more bugbears in ghillie suits and they would attack and then fade back into the grass. We were able to maneuver a couple of them into good positions where we could limit their movement and finish them off. Otto put on a wonderful display of dagger throwing, unfortunately he kept losing them in the grass, quite a trick with magic daggers. His final performance distracted a foe so that Mungus was able to flank & gank with a sly flourish to finish off the creature. The other 2 decided to cut their losses and ran away.

825XP per person


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