Smugglers of Kristophan

The time we went to Greystaad Part 3

In order to obtain the only known copy of St_Vincis_riddle, the party had to do nothing more than quietly break into a monastery at night and carry it away whistling inconspicuously. What actually happened was a bit different.

Mungus was able to sneak into the vault and take possession of the parchment. He then waited, locked in the vault, for the rest of the party to break him out. After Narrowly making it over the walls of the monastery Otto was able, with the help of a couple of clarity potions, to sneak through the hall ways and eventually to the locked vault door. After some trials and tribulation he was able to unlock the top two locks. With only one down all the pressure in the world was on him… and he failed, so badly in fact that he tripped an alarm/trap that woke those in the monastery and riddled him with darts. Now the fight was on, may the best men run away and rejoice in their success. Otto was able to finish opening the vault to release Mungus.

Otto did some quick thinking and tried to convince the uncharacteristically angry monks that he was in fact there to “test their alarm system” and had been sent by “the boss”. Unfortunately, he was unwittingly telling this story to the boss who supposedly would have sent him, so that didn’t turn out so well. Fortunately, in the ruckus, the rest of the party standing outside heard what was going on and made a timely entrance just in time to see the two rogues flail around comically (hiding behind a painting and blocking lightning bolts with their faces, etc) and both die. Almost. Due to the great effort put forth by Gaylord and Bob the captive and often flirting with death rouges were able to ever so slowly make their way to the door.

Despite being limited by their meager collective conscience which prevented them from killing people who were absolutely innocent and generally good folk, the party was able to fight their way out the back door, seal it shut with a nail if sealing then magic up some horses and ride off into the night with St. Vinci’s riddle intact.

After recovering the royal messenger from her safe house at the monastery (the one we haven’t looted…yet), the party made their way back to the docks, eager to leave all this unpleasantness behind them. As they neared the pier, they stumbled into the middle of a raid by Sahuagin. Gigantus decided to assert his independence and ran towards the nearest group of Sahuagin, even using his “come get some” ability ensuring that he was comfortably surrounded with many, many enemies with nary a party member to be seem. In fine fashion Gigantus pooched one of his first rolls, ending his attack and leaving him in the middle of a group of nasties appreciative of this new self serving buffet they’d stumbled upon. In spite of the failed heroics the party managed to save a few civilians (and party members), kill many Sahuagin, and be thrilled by the competence of the Aboleth is Pants’s new star marine.

MNPs: Bobilius Phett and Gaylord Anaxarchus were nominated to share the award. Any objections, just change it; it’s a wiki. Bryan edit: I also nominate our star marine and I think we should make him a low level NPC for his heroicisivity.

20’s: 8
1’s: 10

The time we went to Greystaad Part 2

We looked for Ator, not knowing what’s happened to him in the last 2-3 years. Mungus found someone for the lonely Gigantus to talk to. Otto cruised the bars ostensibly trying to get information from the bartenders. We found out about Ator’s loyal employee Bort. Mungus and Otto broke into Bort’s house and found out that he was OCD and had a scrying wall. We then went to the monastery of Evandra and found Ator there. Bob talked to Ator but Ator’s mind was gone and Bob couldn’t get anything out of him. The monk told us about Brother Maynard II’s wonderderful ritual and we dug through Brother Maynard’s journals to find the details. It turned out we needed pieces from 8 distinct undead creatures to perform the ritual. So we left the girl with the monks and went to the abandoned shrine of Tobag? to get some undead lovin. At first it seemed the shrine was empty and completely abandoned but someone noticed a man hole cover thing that had corrupted holy symbols. We lifted the cover and discovered a stench that made Tatsu want to jump down and investigate. Everyone else soon followed Tatsu down the hole. Some members of the party were overcome by the incredible smell and hurled, others kept their lunch down. We were soon attacked by undead critters and vanquished our foes gathering samples of their corpses for later use in performing the ritual.

At some point the head monk learned that it was us that killed the Duke. He was not displeased.

Bob performed the ritual and Ator said “Find Bort”, real useful. So we found Bort in the office of his employer. When Bob introduced himself to Bort someone heard a ruckus from the adjoining office space. Some of the party went to investigate and saw 5? rider speeding away on horseback. They look in the abandoned office and found some papers which Bort later identified as his paperwork from his time with Ator. The party thought it prudent to leave before the riders came back and they took Bort with them back to the monastery.

We obtain the only known copy of St. Vinci’s Riddle.

The time we went to Greystaad Part 1

We sailed to Greystaad, the home of Bobilius Phett to both investigate our attempted assassination as well as escort a little girl from Kristophan to see the Duke of Greystaad. Once in Greystaad we retired to a tavern for some wine and cheese. While there we observed a merchant who appeared to recognize the girl. Mungus followed the merchant when he left the tavern and picked up Otto on the way. They followed him to a linen shop and then to his hotel (a nice one). After staking out the hotel Mungus and Bob approached the merchant as he was leaving. After some smooth talking and an amazing amount of time Bobilius Phett got the merchant to explain that he thought she looked like the daughter of one of the imperial concubines and that he had once seen her in a parade.

After some poking around some on the wrong side of town Mungus, Otto and Vra’uul followed a suspected assassin into a dark alley and overheard a conversation between 3 tieflings that pointed to the Duke as the force behind recent kidnappings and murders surrounding followers of the Raven Queen. The conversation ended and the 3 separated. One of the tieflings was alone and our 3 sneaky types created a trap having Vra’uul act like he was being beat up. They lured in the wary tiefling and Otto subdued him quickly. Mungus then ran back to inform the rest of the party and some of them returned for the interrogation. Tatsu and Bob gently persuaded the tiefling to divulge what he knew about the Duke’s nefarious scheme with Bob playing the good cop and Tatsu playing the bad cop.

The next day we made the ascent to the Duke’s castle. We were denied a meeting with the Duke until the little girl showed them her amulet of emperor’s-concubine’s-daughterness. We were told to return after sundown at which time we would be allowed to see him. When we returned we were led to a part of the castle rarely visited by anyone outside the Duke’s inner circle. The guards outside the Dukes door got nervous as the steward opened the door for us and once inside the inner guards seemed amused and gave the clear impression that we were entering a hostile environment. Once in the Duke’s chambers the little girl revealed her identification again. The Duke was not impressed and made it clear that we were all in danger. Gigantus Brutalis decided on a preemptive attack. As the guard that showed us in had been cheeky with us, Gigantus decided he should die first. He opened the fight with a devastating blow to the cheeky guard and then proceeded to fail at just about every other attack he attempted for the rest of the fight. Late in the fight Gigantus was poisoned by the Drow and mercifully succumbed, ending his display of suckitude.

Tatsu bought the little girl (princess peach) an ice cream and a cloak. Tatsu also scared the pooh out of a tiefling, so that was fun. He kind of likes being bad cop during the interrogation process. Oh and he decided it would be fun to fight two Bone Claws, and 2 Red Shirts by him self for a while… turns out even paladins make mistakes. Luckily Tatsu was able to hit them here and there and helped cause them to die (thanks angel dude for being cool, and thanks Duke for not wanting me dead… would have been nicer had you said that sooner, like 60hp sooner). Oh and he smiled a little when the Duke of Raven Queen Kidnapper had his head removed from his shoulders by the Angel.

Also, in between some stuff happening, we tried to locate Ator.

Tally: 1s – 13, 20s – 9

MNP: Cast your votes!

for worst night ever-Ben (sorry the dice gods where against you that sucked)

Another vote for Gigantus and sadly I think this would be the second MNP awarded him for sucking

I do not remember anyone doing great so I vote for the one who notably did poorly.

Returning to Kristophan
There and back again...

On our return journey we were paid a visit by a whole sea of strange undead creatures (not normal undead, they were in fact strange). After fighting them off, then fighting some more of them, and then a few more just for good measure, we were in the clear. Or so we thought… DUN-DUN-DUN! When out of the clear blue sea (I am assuming the sea is blue or green) arose a rather large, fast moving ship: and they did not look like they wanted to ask us to the dance. When they got closer we launched our assault on the Vampires (that’s right, they where undead too, I am thinking we should avoid that stretch of the sea in the future). At one point the vampires tried to push some of us off the ship. The rogues and Tatsu Lung caught themselves on the railing but Vra’uul went overboard. At the last second he grabbed a stray piece of the rigging and avoided taking a swim. Otto had been kicking vampire backsides but he outdid himself by leaping back aboard and decimating the last vampire left on our ship. After some dancing we defeated all but the boss, who then retreated back into the sea with some members of the party jumping back to our ship.

Once we got to town we settled in for a nice dinner and wine (Beer for some), and were enjoying the peaceful evening, patting ourselves on our backs, when the former crew of the Aboleth is Pants decided to attack us. Us! What are they thinking? Right – they weren’t thinking, they were probably drunker than us. Us!

After Deneb made it clear what his intentions were and bringing in not only some of his crew but a big ugly dwarf with a couple of mastiffs, The Champion of the Potato Festival started things off by knocking over a table. Vra’uul sprang into action by sitting at the table and watching how intimidating Tatsu Lung was being. Gaylord Anaxarchus looked for a buxom lass to save from certain doom. What? Yes. And yes, he did save her from certain doom!

Tatsu Lung, after scaring the former Captain Deneb into wetting his drawers, decided not to even bother negotiating with the drunk fools and quickly returned 4 of them to the Raven Queens embrace, while making several others very mad. To confuse matters there were two groups of tieflings in the tavern who joined the battle and one of them said “Kill the rest but leave the dragonborn alive.” Vra’uul summoned the fanged darkness which prevented some of the assassins from coming down the stairs but not before they killed an innocent bystander. Gigantus Brutalis performed a science experiment (axe-assisted full-body cytokinesis) on one of the assassins. The experiment produced no usable scientific data but everyone agreed that it had been worth the effort. After a few of the sailors took an acid bath the rest of them including Deneb decided this was not a fight they could win and they ran away like little girls. When we had killed all but one assassin he disappeared. And the dwarf, who turned out to be Deneb’s brother, was almost killed but at the last moment Tatsu Lung decided to just knock him unconscious. As the final blow was struck the city guards showed up and tried to arrest everyone. Vra’uul resisted and this distraction allowed the rogues to slip into the VIP room and avoid being taken by the guards. The rest of the party were taken in for questioning. When things had calmed down the rogues slipped out and found another tavern in which to finish their meal.

Out intrepid heroes decided to spare the city guards’ lives and allowed themselved to be escorted to the captain of the city watch – a finely dressed fellow who appeared to think himself too sly for his own good. Through various awkward intimidation tactics and negotiations, the party agreed that in exchange for serving time in the imperial krab juice refinery, we’d deliver a messenger to the Duke of Greystaad. We also found out that the symbol being worn by the Would-be Tavern Assassins (a great band name) is in fact the coat of arms of the recently mentioned Duke of Greystaad. Conveniently enough, Greystaad is just where we planned to go anyway, so no problems. Back at the boat, we met the messenger – a 10-year old girl with a ken for being not so much with the talking.

Treasure Island part 11

Upon return of the party to the Lizardfolk village, they were received as heroes. Hukilau was held in celebration and strong drinks were consumed in moderation. Before anyone could raise their blood-alcohol level past the legal limit, the high priest of the Lizardfolk approached the party and informed them that their god had requested an audience with them. After some futile attempts to negotiate, the party only managed to garner irritation from their generous hosts. With some implied threat of force by the tribal chieftain, and the purchase of a pig for an offering, the party finally relented and was escorted to the walled in area where the god resided.

Inside the shrine, the party offered up the pig and it was gratefully received by the god which remained concealed in the dim light and low hanging branches of a large swamp tree. The god offered the party praise on its accomplishments, but the god demanded an offering of 90% of the loot if they were to be allowed to leave the island. As would be expected the party refused outright and Gigantus Brutalis rudely started to leave.

Not taking this response well, the god emerged from hiding revealing itself to be a young black dragon. It shrieked in rage (striking a few of the party members with fear) and ordered its lizardfolk followers to kill the insolent outsiders. The battle started in confusion as the party pursued a poorly considered strategy (to leave the walled shrine), but soon enough a more effective plan was adopted. After being knocked down twice by the chieftain Mungus was able to push him into the water with a Trick Strike. After the chieftain climbed back out of the water Mungus pushed him into the tentacled darkness which finished him off. Avoiding any serious injuries, the party managed to slay the dragon (as well as the chieftain) which subdued the high priest as well as the rest of the village. A treaty of sorts was worked out wherein the village agreed to always henceforth serve as a safe port for the party any time they might need to stop in. And there was much rejoicing.

Treasure Island Part 10

As the party slogged along through the marshes, burdened by the bags of treasure they had liberated from the dragon’s lair, a strange encounter unfolded. Undead creatures including spitting toads, deathjump spiders, and lizardfolk attacked the adventurers in waves, nearly killing several members of the party in the process. The group held strong though and a late show of strength won the day. The belated arrival of non-undead lizardfold arrived on the scene in the last moments of the battle and offered to escort the party back to the village and serve as pack mules for the loot. The party was obviously held in a bit of awe by the lizardfolk as they recognized the power they must possess to have stormed the kobold keep, navigated the underground labyrinth, and slain the dragon.


Treasure Island part 9

While preparing the dragon’s treasure for transport, the party discovered a prison pit where the dragon kept creatures until it was ready to eat. A lone survivor was freed and she agreed to pull her own weight in hauling the loot to the outside world. Fortunately, we found her dual scimitars and armor in the treasure pile.
After a short but difficult hike, the party saw its first sunlight in days. Unfortunately, the ShadarKai were there waiting for them. They had apparently killed off the gricks that had inhabited the mouth of the cave leading to the dragon’s lair, which was indeed a valuable service to the party. The party, however, was suspicious of their motives, and rightfully so. The ShadarKai demanded a fee for the valuable service they had provided. We declined.
While Bobilius Phett stalled for time, Vra’uul ordered both Otto and our new ranger friend into position to rush out to attack. Tatsu Lung accompanied Bobilius Phett as he moved into the cave mouth a short distance. It became apparent the ShadarKai intended to liberate our newly acquired treasure from us since we weren’t willingly paying their fee, and they attacked. They had hidden ambushers ready to strike and because the party had positioned themselves to protect the money and not each other it took several rounds and more than our fair share of blood to get better positioned.
The party learned a lesson about greed as they very nearly were sliced into tiny bite sized pieces. Tatsu Lung needed to play more defensive then he ever has and actually ran out out of healing surges. His faith in our new found party member was strengthened by her strong performance and willingness to fight (and nearly die) for us.
Unfortunately, we seemed to be distracted during the entire fight with thoughts of our shiny newly acquired loot – since we couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn. It was a good thing no barns were attacking us, just the ShadarKai. We couldn’t hit them much either. Vra’uul spend most of his time either immobilized or with limited vision. Otto was similarly denied free movement, and when combined with the general ineffectiveness and limited fighting space, we had several very close calls with several of the party members either going down or nearly so.
The Raven Queen did not see fit for Tatsu Lung to die just yet and sent him back to his mortal form to help send some of her followers back to her. In the end, luck smiled on them and they lived to fight for their sacks of money another day.
MNPs: Cari for actually kicking butt and Gigantus Brutalis for mimicking the Platonic Form of suck.

Treasure Island part 8

After loading up on sacks, the party made way to the dragon’s lair. On the way they had a scuffle with some Troglodytes and a Grell. Then they opened up a can on the young Red Dragon. The young nitwit dragon fell into the party’s cleverly unscripted maneuvering which kept it in place (more or less) with a devious series of glue pot sling bullets, icy terrain spells, black zone of deaths, and good ol’ fashion wallopping. Not having ever seen so much cash in one place (even if it was mostly copper), several of our heroes either basked in their own awesomeness (Gaylord, Gigantus), prayed to their puny gods (Tatsu, Bobilius), wet themselves in glee (Otto, Mungus), or brooded over the whole experience because, well that’s just what they do (Vrau’ul). Of course, some bickering over the distribution of the loot immediately began in typically surly online fashion.

MNP: Gaylord Anaxarchus for his well timed and targeted icy terrain spell which knocked the dragon out of the sky and into the devastating hurty zones and waiting weapons of the party.

Treasure Island part 7

On the way back to the shadar-kai settlement, the party encountered a small group of shadar-kai being overrun by frostclaw scorpions. Two of the shadar-kai were already down and presumed dead while the third was quickly being overwhelmed by the group of scorpions. Diving into the fray they managed to withstand quite a beating as the scorpions grabbed or stung making it hard for the party to maneuver effectively. Slowly the party managed to kill all the scorpions and even saved one of the shadar-kai (just barely, he was running towards the light!). Hauling the unconscious lump back to town they were rewarded with a magic dragon slayer weapon, for killing the kruthik hivelord, and a healing potion for the rescue of their warrior.

MNPs: Tatsu Lung, Bobilius Phett, and Otto for showing up and flirting with death.

Treasure Island part 6

The party entered the Kruthik hive and were swarmed immediately. As the first wave of critters attacked the party managed to fight their way into a good tactical formation. Bobilius Phett took advantage of the tight quarters to use his new daily power “Consecrated Ground” which served as a great minion killer as well as a mobile home base for the party since it offered some healing to bloodied characters who were in the zone. Fighting wave after wave of the critters they worked their way through the maze of tunnels to the Hive Lord. As the party neared the Hive Lord many raced ahead of Bobilius Phett and the mobile HQ, as it had been deemed, initiating contact without the support of the healing zone or their Cleric. As the rest of the party positioned themselves Vra’uul cast pointy teeth darkness and ??? at the entrance to the Hive Lord’s nook pureeing some minions and greatly irritating the Hive Lord. To the surprise of the party the Hive Lord burrowed through a side wall of his nook out into a larger area of the caverns just as Bobilius Phett happened to be coming by. With a manly girl scream Bobilius Phett positioned the mobile HQ to “block” and then ran down another side tunnel to try and reach the rest of the party. The party split into two squads One squad stayed to finish taking out the critters buy the pointy teeth darkness while the other shifted to confront the Hive Lord. As so goes the fate of many a Hive Lord the party killed it and cut off his head, and there was much rejoicing.

MNP: Bobilius Phett for his remarkably useful mobile field hospital/minefield.


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