Smugglers of Kristophan

Treasure Island part 1

Having accomplished their mission and become heros (of a sort) the party took a complimentary boat ride back to Kristophan. A meeting with Diogenes improved relations and a deal was worked out to allow the party to take control of the Aboleth is Pants. After allowing time for the old crew to be reassigned, the party went to the docks to take command of the ship. Waiting for them was a tiefling (Archimedes) and a drow (Vasa), agents of Diogenes sent to represent him on the ship. The meeting almost became violent due to a misunderstanding and personality conflicts (to put it mildly). A small delegation decided to return to Diogenes to clear up the matter. The matter was cleared up, though a 500 gp deposit was required to reassure Diogenes of the party’s commitment.

With ship in hand the party now had to decide what to do with it. The only lead in their possession was the treasure map they had found in the goblin camp near Rogarsheim. Destiny called, and the party answered. With some fresh supplies aboard, the Aboleth is Pants set sail for the island of Fedron. Not long after leaving sight of Kristophan a larger ship began pursuit. While many party members were on deck, no one really seemed to notice until the presumably hostile ship was dangerously close. The alarm was raised and the Aboleth is Pants began evasive maneuvers. After gaining a bit of distance, disaster struck as Tatsu Lung tripped on Vra’uul’s tail while donning his armor. Both reacted poorly to the collision and quickly fell off the edge of the narrow deck, luckily becoming entangled in some conveniently placed ropes. Gigantus Brutalis and Otto sprung to the rescue, grabbing the ropes before they went overboard as well and attempting to haul the clumsy fools back aboard. Bobilius Phett Took the wheel (which had been Vra’uul’s station) and ordered some of the minions to take over for party members who were now otherwise engaged.

The now almost-for-certain pirate ship made some gains on the Aboleth is Pants in the confusion, but were still just outside bow range. Gigantus Brutalis proved he deserved his title as champion of the potato festival by pulling Vra’uul back on board, then helping Otto to bring Tatsu Lung back on board as well. With the everyone back on deck, the Aboleth is Pants began to pull ahead once again… until Mungus managed to break an important rope, causing the ship to become more difficult to manage for everyone. Again the pirate ship gained on the Aboleth is Pants this time getting close enough to riddle Vra’uul with a few arrows. Eventually the three stooges syndrome abated and the Aboleth is Pants broke away enough that the pirates ceased pursuit. The party’s goal of impressing Archimedes that the ship was in good hands was not progressing well.

Proceeding to the island of Fedron The party docked at a primitive Lizardfolk village. After discussing the treasure map somewhat with the tribal leaders, the tribe mystic sought counsel from their god. The mystic then told the party that they believed that they knew the creature referred to on the map. They didn’t fear it because their god protected them. The party was directed to a Kobold stronghold, who apparently served the creature in question. A lizardfolk hunter accompanied the party as a guide. Archimedes was not about to leave the Aboleth is Pants docked and relatively defenseless while the party went adventuring. He decided to take the ship to Takaluras and check in with some contacts of his, promising to return to the island every so often to see if the party had returned (for as long as a month, when their rent ran out). Vasa was to accompany the party as an observer.

Along the way the party was ambushed by a couple of Vine Horrors, a Shambling Mound and a Crushgrip Constrictor. Luckily the creatures were not working together, and their arrival to the battle was staggered such that the party made relatively easy work of them (well, plus they accidentally countered the regeneration ability of the Shambling Mound, as well as a couple of other beneficial twists of fortune).

Before long their guide informed the group that they were near to their destination. Pointing them in the right way, he departed in a way suitable for his particular idiom. The party dispatched their scouts to investigate and they found an ancient keep which had been occupied by the Kobolds. The keep showed it’s age (rusted portcullis, a large breach in the stone wall) but the Kobolds had compensated for these damages somewhat by blocking the front gate with debris and building a short (10 ft. tall) wooden gate in the wall breach. After spending some time on a stakeout it was determined that the keep was occupied by more than 50 kobolds. A patrol pattern was also determined. Armed with this information, an ambush was planned…

Setting the trap around one of the kobolds’ own animal traps, the intent was to draw as many kobolds into a kill zone where they could be surrounded by the party. With Tatsu Lung acting as live bait the plan was somewhat successful, drawing off a half dozen kobolds and a mounted rage drake into the kill zone. The rest of the patrol held position in a surprisingly disciplined manner, their slingers taking long range shots at Tatsu Lung. When it became clear that the kobolds were as committed as they would be, the party sprang forth from hiding and attacked. A hard fought battle ensued but the party emerged triumphant. A few of the kobolds managed to scamper off to tell the tale and fight another day. Now that the kobold garrison has taken a significant loss, it is up to the party to decide what move to make next (or wait for the kobolds to make a move).

Meeting Baraata 4

Now that we’ve got some idea of the puzzle game and some theories of the pattern of when we get attacked, we gained a bit of confidence. Considering the result of our first couple of attempts to solve the puzzle, it became obvious that should we find two more different colored rings, those would be rings necessary to solve the puzzle. There were 2 obvious places we had not explored to that point – the fire area, and the tower.
We headed up into the tower, cautiously. In it’s base, we found a large open area which could be fairly easily defended, thanks to only 1 ground entrance. If we needed to take an extended rest, this would be the place. There was a circular staircase going up. At the top, we found a large cauldron with some sort of bubbling red goo in it. Gaylord bravely stuck his arm in, after Tatsu stuck his sword in with no ill effects. Feeling around the bottom, Gaylord found another hand hole, this one produced a red glass ring. Although the goo did not cause any discomfort, it was messy.
As one member of the party was a specialist with fire, we proceeded without hesitation to the area perpetually engulfed in flame. Vra’uul darted into the trap to the bookcase on the other side. Finding it to be an illusion similar to the one next to the leopluridon, he discovered the hand hole and retrieved 2 rings. After gaining a dozen rings between the different party members, we became nervous with the lack of attacks. Unfortunately for us, we could hear enemies moving around by us, so we knew that sooner or later, we would be attacked by a significant force.
It finally happened as we made our way back to the game board. From 2 different places, over a dozen orcs came out from their holding areas outside the pit and rushed us. We were not completely unprepared for an attack but they attacked us when we were in a fairly indefensible area of limited mobility. We had ended up along side of a wall, so at least we did not generally have to worry about being flanked. Otto was knocked unconscious within moments which opened up a new avenue of attack for the orcs. We fought a bit desperately and eventually formed a line which enabled us to revive Otto. Finally, after taking a lot of damage, we cut the last of them down.
Being unable to survive another moderate encounter, we had to rest and recover in the tower. The Big Show’s audience seemed to be pleased with our performance so far.
After resting for many hours, we went back to the game board to try our luck again. We had collected enough rings for a couple of attempts to narrow down which colors were needed to solve the puzzle. Baraata rewarded our successes, as promised, with magical items (taken from some of our wish lists). After discovering all 4 correct colors, we had to brave the wiles of the game once more to collect more rings we needed to continue the game. Collecting the rings was easy, but when we got back to the game board, 3 Ghouls snuck up on us and attacked from behind! They had the nasty habit of immobilizing us with their attacks, but in the end, they were more an annoyance to our quest than an actual hindrance.
With knowledge of the 4 correct colors, it became a simple exercise in logical deduction (based on Baraata’s feedback of magical item distribution). We solved the puzzle in 5 total tries, much to the dismay of many of the audience members. However, most of them cheered our success as it mirrored their own – if they were wise enough to bet on us, the winners!
Baraata was very pleased with our skill and intrepidity and invited us to return when we had more experience. Oh the rewards he would give us… We accepted both his money and his treasures as payment for our deed and for the genealogical documents we had delivered the day before. With treasure in hand, we set off to stake our claim to Diogenes’ ship.

Meeting Baraata 3 part 2

After bandaging minor wounds sustained from getting shoved into the pit, we took a few moments to cautiously explore our immediate surroundings. The closest interesting bit of terrain was a 4×10 grid of openings in the stone, each space looking like it would fit a hand (with all fingers extended). Off to the right was a round space marked by different colored stone which encircled a bunch of pillows. Directly in front of us, we could see some walled-off areas with large metal doors. At the back of the pit, on the left side, was a two-story tower, the top of which was at the same level as the ground above the pit.

A few feet from the pillow area, we discovered a small pool of water, about 3 feet deep, with something at the bottom. Being the cautious adventurers we are, it was decided that we put Gigantus in a harness and lower him into the pool so that we could inspect what was at the bottom without actually getting too close to the pool. Gigantus described the area as being similar to the holes in the 4×10 grid. He bravely stuck his hand in it and a ring with blue tinted glass became bound to him. Not knowing what to think of this, he put his other hand in and the same thing happened.

Considering the similarity between the hole at the bottom of the pool and the holes in the 4×10 grid, Gigantus decided to put his hand in one of the spots in the grid on the row marked “1”. The ring became unbound and when he pulled his hand out, the grid spot glowed blue. However, the grid would not accept the other ring Gigantus had, not in any row, or in any other spot on the first row. We resolved to continue exploring.

Continuing on the right side of the maze, we next found a walled off area that sectioned off a small room, with large metal doors. Not finding any way of opening them, we moved further along the wall on the right side. In the back, we found 8 pieces of glass inset into the brick floor. Beyond that was a statue of a leopluridon as well as a bookcase. Not finding any traps near the glass-bricks, we took a closer look and found that they each covered a hand-shaped hole, similar to the 4×10 grid and the pool of water. However, although the glass could be tapped on and appeared to be solid glass, it could not be broken. Tatsu decided to try his luck at reaching his hand through the glass and into the hand-shaped hole, and the glass let his hand pass through it. As he put his hand into the hole, the glass solidified around his arm and would not allow him to remove his hand, while at the same time, a ring became bound to the hand.

All of the sudden, from the nearby walled off room, the large metal doors opened and a group of Orcs came out to give us battle. Poor Tatsu was unable to remove his arm and could only lay on the ground whilst his friends met the Orc’s challenge. They were no match for us, but did inflict damage. The peasants rejoiced! After waiting a bit, Tatsu was able to pull his arm out and break the glass. The ring on his finger had a bit of black tinted glass in it.

Gaylord and Vra’uul meditated a bit to find any magical items the Orcs may have been carrying and to see what else in the area was magical. The Orcs had nothing of value. The statue and the bookcase, however, were far more interesting. Both had a magical aura. After spending a few minutes scrutinizing the statue, no reason for the aura was found. The bookcase, however, proved to be illusory and served to hide another hand-shaped hole. This one yielded a ring with green tinted glass.

The rest of the back of the maze was taken up by the tower. We decided not to go up the stairs into it but instead explored the area right next to it. The tower looked to be surrounded by a “bottomless pit” and next to that, a small alcove with statues and a large space which was continually aflame. Through the flames, another bookcase is visible.

The Intrepid Otto bravely decided to have a couple of ropes tied to him and launch himself over the pit, avoiding the fire traps, to the area outside the alcove. In it were 3 small statues. After carefully searching for traps (and finding none) and a shut off switch for the fire (and finding none), Otto entered the alcove area. Yeah, it was trapped. Several scythes swung down and cut both him and his two ropes. Yeah, it hurt. Fortunately, his bravery was rewarded as he found a hand-shaped hole and used it to put one ring on each hand. Both rings had yellow tinted glass.

As Otto gained some treasure for his pain, some Orcs came bounding out from a hidden part of the wall next to the fires! Their movement was hampered by the flames, which allowed us to funnel them a bit. The Orcs fought desperately and we took damage before taking them down. A short rest was in order while we regrouped and determined what to do next. The crowd again gave us a cheer for our combat prowess and the bit of bloodsport they had just witnessed.

Seeing as we now had 5 more rings, we moved over to the 4×10 grid and again tried to figure out its purpose. Gaylord played with the pillows, Vra’uul stood guard, and more rings were put into the grid. After the first row had been filled, there was a flurry of activity from the spectators watching us from the rim of the pit. Baraata conferred with some of the men near him, who looked through some documents. After a moment, one of them, who had been holding a small flask of some kind, threw the flask on to the pillows.

Meeting Baraata 3

The group finally got an appointment to meet with Baraata just after the evening meal. When the time came we were ushered into an office-type room where he was waiting for us. We gave him the case and he examined the contents. Some noticed that he was agitated from the start. Gigantus realized that he was probably intimidating poor Baraata and quickly calmed his fear of impending death by halfling.

Bob inquired as to the cause of his agitation. Baraata informed us that planning for the big event for his birthday party was not going well and cursed the parentage of his servant folk. He expressed surprise when we let him know that we ran into two groups of orcses on the way to his homestead. He didn’t explicitly admit it but his response made it clear that the orcs had something to do with the Big Show™.

Blaufarb brought in our fee of 150 gold. Baraata then gave us some documents for us to take back to Diogenes. He said that we was sending them as a favor because he thought Diogenes might be interested in them. He then proceeded to invite us to be part of the Big Show if a slot opened up. We would have a choice about the challenge we would face and would be compensated accordingly. He suggested that we ask around to get information from people who had participated in previous years. We negotiated our appearance fee to 500 gold but much more wealth is possible if we don’t die. As a courtesy he gave us access to the VIP lounge.

That night we split up between two cabins to sleep. Several of us were eaten by rats. After the battle we discovered a removable panel in each cabin that had been opened to allow the rats to enter. Bob reported this to a shocked Blaufarb who placed guards outside and promised to make it up to us in the morning. When they came to examine the openings the rogues put on a puppet show through the holes with rat corpses to reenact our epic battle.

In the morning a messenger led us to a lovely seven-course breakfast. Baraata made an appearance and apologized profusely for the attack. He was impressed by our rat-slaying abilities and formally invited us to participate in the Big Show™. We had a group hug.

Well, the bastard set us up. We were dumped into a deep pit full of puzzle obstacles.

Continued on Meeting Baraata 3 part 2...

Meeting Baraata 2
After taking a short rest, we decided to explore a mound of rock covered by a door. As with the backpacks in the camp, this cache was protected by a crossbow trap that Otto set off. Inside, we found some sacks of food, along with some gold and daggers.

We continued on to Baraata’s castle along the same road. Once again, we encountered Orcs along the way. This time, we had the element of surprise. An Orc was positioned along the main road but did not notice us. His attention was toward a group of Orcs investigating an encampment nearby. Tatsu Lung practiced his sneaking skills in moving not-so-silently towards the lookout, while Otto led the way. Once again, an Orc shaman appeared to take charge of their group, but we did not give them a chance to get themselves organized and forced them to simply react to us. The battle was short. Another mini-rock cave nearby yielded more treasure, which we were more than happy to take. [add part about Gigantus getting kicked into the ditch]

By a strange coincidence, we would soon have an opportunity to spend that ‘hard earned’ treasure at a guard checkpoint on the road. It was a simple banner with two human guards, dressed in hide armor, with the look of battle veterans. One of them took on the role of spokesperson and cashier. The toll was 2 gold per person – a trivial sum, but yet something about the two humans didn’t seem right. While we exchanged pleasantries it became clear that our group and theirs was nervous with each other. Fortunately, our group had the gigantic warrior rabbit slayer Gigantus Brutalis! Upon mentioning ‘Orc’ and ‘ambush’, the other human ran for his life, for about 20 feet and some of the members of the human’s group revealed their concealed whereabouts. The jig was up and after it became clear we would investigate the goings-on until we were satisfied, all the remaining members of the human’s group came out of hiding. They were 3 elves and 8 humans strong and told us they were there to ensure travelers paid their toll. We paid ours and continued on.

After 1 hour, we were to have reached Baraata’s castle according to what the checkpoint group told us. However, it took us two hours before the castle was in sight. We knew we’d been had, although we couldn’t figure out why and what they’d really gotten away with (14 gold seemed a paltry sum for such a performance). As we got closer to the castle, the temporary crowd seats and boxing/wrestling rings could be seen. The rings were all in use and enjoyed by the crowd, however, we had a job to perform. The castle guard fetched Blaufarb who listened to our story and resolved to speak with his boss. For an unknown reason, Blaufarb seemed very distressed at our encounters with Orcs.

Otto, Gigantus, and Mungus went into the castle basement to the tavern, Tatsu followed Blaufarb, and Vra’uul, Gaylord Anaxarchus, and Dave investigated the main floor of the castle. As Otto, Gigantus, and Mungus descended down the stairs into the tavern, they were applauded by a very familiar group of humans and elves. 14 gold pieces were stacked on the corner of their table, mocking us (2 gold per person – the toll we’d paid them for traveling on a fake toll road). After saluting the 3 not-yet-drunks, they offered to buy us all a round. Gigantus was decidedly unimpressed and intimidated the human who he’d tricked into running for his life. The remaining humans and elves were strangely not affected by Gigantus’ words (the 11 – 3 odds was not in his favor). However, everyone resolved to calm down and just have a friendly drink. Returning our 14 gold convinced us of their intentions. They introduced themselves as a group that had come to participate in the entertainment for Baraata’s birthday celebration.

Not long after, Blaufarb informed us that we might be able to have an audience with Baraata, but it could not happen for several hours. We resolved to kill some time by drinking, sparring, and playing cards.

Meeting Baraata 1

After the tragic demise of the good ship Rocinante, we find ourselves in need of transportation and employment. Hoping to kill 2 birds with one stone, we negotiate with Diogenes to make us the officers of {Daves uncles ship}. He agrees with reservations. The first being a test of our skill. He assigns us to take some genealogical documents to Baraata, a regional crimelord by the town of Faroen and then to return with Baraata’s payment.

We are told that Diogenes bought passage to and from Faroen, but after we disembark, we discover that our tickets were only 1 way. An unintentional oversight? A test of our resourcefulness and judgment? We won’t know until we return. The next ship to return is in 3 days.

We spend some time in Faroen getting some information. The town is abuzz with excitement over Baraata’s upcoming birthday, 2 days from now. His birthday celebrations are legendary (well, in this part of the continent anyway) and all appear to be looking forward to The Big Show – the climactic event for the celebration. The locals say that it is a contest of physical strength and battle prowess, but always, always, with a twist. Apparently the bookies start taking bets for the next Big Show only 1 day after Baraata’s birthday! In not-quite-jest, the tavern folk note that there would probably rioting if the entertainers for The Big Show arrive late.

It will take us several hours to travel from Faroen to Baraata’s castle (his main base of operations as far as we know). A couple of hours out, we discover a small campsite which appears to have been abandoned. While investigating it, we discover both of the backpacks have been booby trapped with a CrossbowTrap, which also triggers a group of Orcs to come and attack us. The Orc raiding party was led by an OrcEyeOfGruumsh, and included some of the following: OrcBeserker, OrcDrudge, and DireWolf. We fight them off and take a few moments to catch our breath.


Sjuly 494
The party begins it’s adventures serving as the night crew of the sailing ship Rocinante avoiding rocky shores and fighting off things that go bump in the night, cutting their teeth on a couple of specters that boarded the ship. Tatsu Lung started what will hopefully be a long tradition of comical spills when he fell out of the crows nest (breaking two holes in the ship) in his haste to join the battle. In the end the specters were defeated and/or retreated (was difficult to be sure) and there was much rejoicing.

A few days later the Rocinante docked at Rogarsheim with its precious cargo of hot pants. A slight complication arose however when the merchant purchasing the hot pants (Othello) confessed that the mercenaries he had hired to guard his warehouse had gone missing. The party was quickly contracted to defend the warehouse and the precious hot pants during the dangerous evening hours until a major buyer arrived (expected any day). Othello’s investment was not wasted as the warehouse was raided by goblins that very night. The party deployed effectively to bottleneck the goblins at the two warehouse entrances, blunting the attack and sending what goblins were not killed fleeing for their lives.

When the buyer of the hot pants arrived, the party found themselves with nothing to do. The captain of the Rocinante informed them that a deal had fallen through, so he was now left searching for a new cargo to haul. The party sought out the head of the local merchant’s guild, Scipio, to see if there were any available contracts that might fit their talents. Scipio hammered out a deal for the party to make some cash killing goblins and promptly they set off into the woods in search of a goblin camp. What they found was an ambush set up by elves (fortunately the friendly kind). The elves, not being fans of the goblins, informed the party of a goblin camp nearby that they would be happy to see razed. Upon further discussion it was arranged for the elves to draw a portion of the goblins into an ambush, leaving a more manageable force at the camp for the party to deal with. The plan worked well and despite a very difficult fight not a single party member was lost. Besides the bounty from the chieftain headpiece and many goblin ears the party also recovered a number of magical items and a stash of gold, gems and a treasure map of sorts in the chieftain’s tent (after defeating the Iron Cobra which guarded them).

Returning to Rogarsheim triumphantly, the party found that the Rocinante was ready to sail with a new cargo. Sadly, a few nights into the voyage (while passing through the Straight of the Leviathan appropriately enough) a loud noise disrupted the peaceful night. It was discovered to be an Aboleth slowly breaching the hull of the ship. Lacking the means to fight such a powerful creature the captain was forced to abandon ship (via a Linked Portal scroll he’d been saving for such an emergency). As the casters performed the ritual the rest of the party and crew fought off the Aboleth’s minions. Finally the ritual was completed and the portal to Milgath was opened. The captain ran to his quarters to grab a few things but ordered everyone else through the portal. The party and over half of the crew made it through successfully. Unfortunately, due to Gaylord Anaxarchus’s lackluster performance of the ritual, the portal only remained open for a few seconds. The fate of the captain and the rest of the crew are uncertain, but in all likelihood they are now enslaved by the horrible Abolith. Perhaps one day they shall be avenged!

Stepping through the portal, the party entered the ruins of Milgath. One of the surviving crew (now our minions) rescued from the ship triggered a simple trap, causing a bell to ring. Tatsu Lung and his minions took shelter in a nearby building, only to be attacked from the shadows by a Choker. The Choker quickly broke the neck of a minion, then assaulted Tatsu Lung who it managed to latch on to as the group tried to exit the building. Meanwhile a quite large Deathjump Spider fell from the sky and bit a minion to death and was quickly engaged by multiple party members and their minions. Sensing it’s impending doom, the Spider made a mighty leap back atop the building from whence it came. As the group tried to kill the Choker that was using Tatsu Lung as a meat shield (successfully on one occasion) sounds of danger approaching could be heard. As the Choker was finally slain, a large group of very guarded, but not openly hostile Kobolds encircled the group. The commander of the Kobolds demanded that five members of the party go with them to be sacrificed to their god. The party politely declined and a pitched battle ensued. Most of the first wave of Kobolds was cleared out quite quickly, but the second wave proved a bit more determined. Most of the surviving crew of the Rocinante were killed and A swarm of Needlefang drakes reaped havoc on Bobilius Phett. None in the party made it through unscathed, but in the end they fought off the the Kobold threat.

Quickly seeking to leave the ruins of Milgath to avoid any other hidden threats, the party set off for the nearby town of Rudil, hoping that it managed to fare better after the collapse. Their hope did not go unrewarded. Rudil, while a shadow of it’s former self, supported a small and mostly self-reliant population. With a chance to breathe, the party took some time to discuss where to go from here. Lacking options, it was decided to seek out Bobilius Phett’s uncle (Ator) who owned a ship and seek employment with him. No ships in port at Rudil were capable of making the voyage to Bobilius Phett’s home town, so instead the party sought passage to Morgad or Kristophan. A lizardfolk fisherman named Santiago negotiated a deal to take them as far as Morgad and an uneventful voyage ensued. Upon arrival at Morgad an unexpected surprise awaited them in the docks—Ator’s ship.

Upon investigating the ship it was discovered to now be owned by crimelord Diogenes and captained by a dwarf named Deneb. The exact fate of Ator was unclear, but it seems that he owed money to Diogenes and when unable to pay his debt, the ship was taken as payment.

Desiring to possess the ship, but not prepared to make such a powerful enemy as Diogenes, the group decided to try and ggain possession of the ship “legitimately”. Phase 1 involved sneaking a rogue onto the ship to leave a couple of unique marks carved into the ship as proof of our mad infiltration skillz and the general incompetence of Deneb’s crew. This was accomplished by most of the party creating a distraction (a staged fight between Tatsu Lung and Gigantus Brutalis) while Otto made a relatively stealthy boarding maneuver (involving swimming, climbing and what not). Otto carved in some graffiti and also stole a spyglass from the crow’s nest while he was aboard. He then managed to escape with little trouble. Once he was in the clear, the rest of the group broke up the fight just before the local guards were arriving to lay down the law.

With phase 1 a clear success, the party travelled on foot to Kristophan on foot, only being ambushed by goblins once on the way. The group immediately did not like Kristophan when they were charged 1 silver per head to enter the city gates. Arranging a meeting with Diogenes proved relatively simple, with only a day of waiting required (which the party used to sample some of the local flavor). The meeting with Diogenes went fairly smoothly. The party managed to convince him of their sincere interest while not letting on that they had any affiliation with the ship’s former owner (Ator). Despite Diogenes’ apparent dissatisfaction with Deneb, he wasn’t willing to hand over the ship to a bunch of strangers. To prove they were at least somewhat trustworthy and committed, Diogenes gave the party an errand to run… [end of prologue]


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