Smugglers of Kristophan

The Potato Festival

In a happy coincidence, the party decided to visit Gigantus Brutalis’s home town so he could participate in the Potato Festival of Champions, and the party as a whole could lay low to avoid the long arm of the law.

There were 3 challenges. The final challenge was an eating contest which, no surprisingly, end in a cascading chain reaction of vomiting.

Mungus was crowned the Potato festival champion and banished the humiliated Gigantus. (At least until the rest of you get off your lazy butts and tell the real story)

Baraata's Fate V

We conquer the Tomb of Horrors, losing less than 1/2 our party. Or do we…

…we do! After callously abandoning Vra’uul, Tatsu and Otto in the belly of the tomb of death, the other party members make it out of the tomb with the “Scepter of Infinite Mockery” only to be laughed to scorn by the necromancers (not only do they defile the laws of nature, they’re also real jerks). The remaining party members – read “loyalty-free abandoners of friends” – teamed up with some other adventurers who had also been suckered into the tombs and lost some of their party. They consist of a fat guy in a little coat, a sharply dressed shifter with a monacle, and some crystal-looking freaky thing WHO TALKS INTO YOUR BRAIN!! AAAHHH!! Seems a good fit to team up and try to rescue the lost members of both groups. The new guys know of a back door entrance that just happens to be guarded by 3 liches, a dracolich, and an unending supply of ghosts. Can our newly formed party join together to rescue their friends? Can Otto and Tatsu put their differences aside now that they’ve seen each other without their bodies? Can anyone get used to the crystal guy talking INTO THEIR BRAIN??!!!

The answer is… basically. Due to the combined talents of the newly formed party we have a incredibly controlled battle giving the non controllers a freedom of movement that they rarely enjoy or even really care for. Several characters pick up shiny happy objects off of a table and Gigantous picks a pretty flower… which he immediately plants in the floor. It creates a zone of hurting for the bad, undead things. To their horror, the new party’s dwarven companion is found to be lich food. He is the honored guest at an unholy feast occurring on an altar that dominates the cavern. The ghosts prove good fodder for vengeance and fall rapidly under onslaught. The liches, however, prove to be more formidable foes. The dracolich is pinned in the center of the cavern by the various controllers and has to satisfy himself by breathing out his icy fury on any who are in range. At one point Vra’uul and Mungus are encased in blocks of ice but are quickly teleported out of their icy prisons. After getting healed up, but still lacking any healing surges Mungus decided to go toe-to-toe with the dracolich and blows all his dailies in an amazing display of 3’s and 4’s. Eventually we killed the liches and slayed the dracolich…and there was much rejoicing.

Following the Epic Battle… and by Epic we do of course mean “controlled and slow” we meet up with our fallen allies to learn they are less ghosty and more solid. Wahoo!, now someone can actually whack Otto and Tatsu upside the head for going all ghosty and trying to run to their deaths. Kudos to Vra’uul for giving his life so that we could have a calorie free chocolate mace. We freed all of the poor souls that were trapped, half way between life and death, in the tomb. Among them was Jacobux Kincep. They were understandably upset at the necromancers who had held them captive for so long and thus we joined them in dispensing justice and attacking the City of Skulls. We then accompanied Jacobux back to his estate in Moondance and he promised to give us Apple Beer once he had his orchard producing again.

Side note, after gaining physical form again Tatsu has a visit in the night from the Raven Queen, she lets him know that she has not forsaken him and has given him the power of fear to do her bidding. But with this gift comes punishments for questioning her in the tomb, Tatsu has lost his wings and his breath weapon.

Baraata's Fate IV

We continue through the tomb… happening upon a chapel emanating divine energy. The party relaxed for a spell. In short order Otto takes a dare from Mungas to sit upon a throne behind the altar, which happens to compelled him to dash through yet another portal on the side wall of the room. Showing a flair for impulsiveness Tatsu springs into action and follow follows him through. The rest of the party wisely hesitated, as those two had nearly gotten themselves, and others, killed by going off alone not long ago. Eventually when neither reappeared, Mungus’ sense of loyalty to Otto overcame him and with the promise of adventure Gigantus joins him in entering the portal. Gaylord and Bobilious notice more writing on the floor starting where they entered the room. The two set about deciphering the script as they did in the main hall. Once they reach the alter Gaylord is unexpectantly compelled to take his turn in the throne and subsequently runs through the portal. Bobilious is able to finish following the script to a secret passage on the opposing wall from the portal. Using his recently aquired ring of candle light he is able to open the secret door in front of him. Some of the missing party members reappeared unharmed but of a different race (Now Goliath, Minotaur and Drow).The missing Otto and Tatsu also shortly reappear, except now they were some kind of ghost (much like Jacobux Kincep).

After some experimentation and further exploration of the room, the ghosts felt compelled to descend deeper into the dungeon, being lured away by the pleasant sounds of joy and revelry. The rest of the party reluctantly followed and were eventually able to convince the ghostly losers to turn around when it became clear that the happy sounds were leading to some kind of a trap.

We back tracked and searched all of the pit traps finding a secret door.

Baraata's Fate III

After consulting with Jacobux Kincep, we decide to take his advice and travel to the (somewhat) nearby City of Skulls. Perhaps we can bargain with the Necromancers in this city of death and gain insight into Baraata’s condition.

We were stopped at the gate, by the guards, and warned that our party would be at risk in the city. We talked to them for a while and got some useful information, including directions to an inn. We entered the city and following the directions given to us by the guards we ended up near some sort of unholy cathedral. About this time the party was confronted by a group of cloaked figures. Otto felt like he was being given the evil eye. Somehow we managed not to provoke them into a fight despite Tatsu’s best efforts.

On advice from the guards, we simply asked some of the local priests if we could bargain for a necrotic ritual to diagnose our friend. They told us they would consider helping us if we proved our worth by retrieving a ‘symbol of kingly power’ from the city’s hallowed Tomb.

We decided to give it a try and entered. The doors closed behind us and we found ourselves in a wide hallway with the walls covered in murals. Tatsu found that they were more than just pictures and taunted a demon the was behind bars in part of the mural but we could all hear the noise of the demon straining against the bars trying to get at Tatsu.

Baraata's fate II

In the search to find out what was wrong with Baraata, the party set sail for a monastery that Bobilius Phett just happened to know about. They were little help, but directed the group to seek out somebody who might be in a nearby town made famous by the somebody’s secret family recipe for apple beer. This contact is called Jacobux Kincep and his family resides in the town of Moondance.

The party approached the maze haphazardly (whaaa?), in small separate groups. Tatsu flew to the top of the small building in the maze, with Mungus and Otto scampering up the thick walls of the hedge behind him. Once on top of they building, they noticed that the building was some sort of mausoleum with no visible doors. Tatsu also noticed a bit of a rustling coming from behind a hedge. He hopped over the hedge to find himself in the maze with….4 Boneclaws! Not to worry, Otto charged through the hedge daggers first, stabbing hilt-deep in the closest Boneclaw. Vra’uul and Gaylord entered the fray, wands and orbs blazing. Gaylord’s visions of avarice pulled three of the four to a nice grouping and allowed Vra’uul to engulf them in a wave of firey death, leaving the unfortunate 3 slowed/immobilized/depressed/peeing-their-pants. Otto awesomely stepped up to unload a blinding barrage on the 3 Boneclaws, scoring 2 critical hits on the lead, spilling Boneclaw entrails all about. Meanwhile, Mungus and Tatsu kept the 4th Boneclaw busy by waving at it jovially. Otto, king of observation, noted that all the Boneclaws were giving him the same odd stinkeye that the undead folk in the top of the wizard’s tower were giving him. Mungus, in a moment of uncharacteristic (for the evening) awesomeness, knocked the isolated Boneclaw unconscious with a blow to the head, leaving it helpless on the ground. The party continued to rain death and insults on the Boneclaws when out from the mausoleum came several weak looking undead and one tougher vampire lady. The party picked off the minions, but the vampiress waltzed up to Tatsu and knocked him unconscious. Bob quickly healed Tatsu, but the vampire hussy put Tatsu under her domination. Finally, Tatsu’s tendency to fall down did him some good, as the only thing he was able to do was stand up before shaking off the effect of the domination. Otto, giddy with joy at having been so unlike himself and doing so much damage, went in for a coup de grace. Then regular Otto showed up again, somehow completely missing the unconscious Boneclaw and instead slashing large holes in both Tatsu and Mungus. Then his pants fell down. Again. Fortunately, this was missed somewhat as Bob cast a dismissal on the Vampire, sending her into an astral plane and away from the fight. She popped back into the fight after a couple of rounds, only to have Otto slide her into the middle of the group and stab her into vapor. With only one minion left, Vra’uul deftly finished off the fight with a…MAGIC MISSILE!!!!!!

Baraata's Fate I

After leaving the sacked port with Baraata’s alive but damaged body, we encountered a Drow pirate ship trying to take an Eladrin merchant ship as a prize. A perfect test for our shiny new Aluminum Falcon!

The Big Show III

The finale!

2nd room pic

The Big Show II

We returned to Baraata’s keep to defend our Champions of The Big Show title. The party was also offered to the opportunity to test a fancy new magic ship should they survive the Big Show. Enchanted Donuts were served during the first encounters of the big show.

2350 + 4000 + 3000 + 1000 = 10350 / 7 = 1500XP per character
Item level 14: Battle Harness +3 (Vra’uul’s wishlist item, so his Laughing Death leather armor +2 was put in group loot)
Item level 13: Abyssal Adornment +3 (
Item Level 12:Bracers of Mighty Striking (
Item Level 12:Feystep lacings (
Item Level 11:Totemic Belt (
Item Level 11:Backbone belt (
1 2500g gem
2 1000g gem
1 500g gem
5000g (Capt. Revince gambled this on our behalf)

Barclays Map 3 & Rite of Passage

After arriving at Kristophan, we completed our escort mission.

Then we found out that the Aboleth is Pants had been stolen. D’oh!

Then a couple of Lizardfolk from… uh… the Lizardfolk village found the party and begged for their help in repelling an onslaught of Kobolds. Booking passage on a ship, the party sailed to the aid of the Lizardfolk. Upon their arrival at the village, they were informed of the formation of a Kobold army that was likely to be marching in to wipe out what was left of the Lizardfolk. Proving themselves to be true Paragons, the party ambushed and utterly destroyed the Kobold army and their risen master, a familiar red dragon.

Loot: 1300XP from Scott + 500XP quest award for delivering Baraata, 600 gold (Diogenes’ payment to us)

Goblin Clan Battle and Bermuda Triangle


Pic 1
Pic 2

Awards (total award value):
Jared-Most (full) rounds with possession of Golden Spear (1000g residuum)
Ben, Dave, Jared, Scott-Most damage to mortal enemy (1000g residuum)
Ben, Dave, Mark, Kurtt-Least damage to ally (500g residuum)
Jared-First to take possession of golden spear (200G residuum)
Mark, Jared-Most alpha goblin kills (200G residuum)
Jared-First Alpha Goblin kill (gift basket)
Dave-Most overall damage (gift basket)
Dave-Most individual enemies killed (gift basket)
Each gift basket is 250g worth of alchemical items – winner may choose their own items.
Also, if multiple people got the same award, split up the total value equally.

Then we sailed to meet Baraata to escort him and his cargo to Kristophan. While on the way, we went through a Bermuda Triangle like area and ended up having the Aboleth is Pants in our space-time continuum merge with another one. We were able to fight them off – both Vra’uul’s recognized the value of killing the Captain first and attacked each doppleganger Bobilious. Yeah, that was it. We managed to escape but in the process, our Aboleth is Pants got 1/2 fused with the other one and things on the ship changed slightly. Of greatest concern, all our crew minus the security assistant disappeared, along with all of Baraata’s cargo that we’re supposed to deliver to Diogenes! D’oh!

Combined XP: 1800XP, new total: 25105
Non Goblin Clan Battle Treasure:
From Futhark the Lich:
-8500 gp worth of gems (17 black pearls worth 500 gp each to be precise)
-3 healing potions
-20,000 gp worth of residuum

From the Goblin Army Command tents:
-12360 gold in treasure chest
-4740g worth of residuum in a separate chest (they must have found lots of items and disenchanted them)

This is all treasure we gained over 8th and 9th level. Diogenes agreed to pay us to escort Baraata to him so we will be paid once we do so.
Total for each character:
-2980 gold
-3535 residuum


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