Smugglers of Kristophan

Since Then...

The party arranged with Diogenes to occupy the previously encountered coastal fortress and use it as a base of operations in the area (especially important since Baraata’s stronghold in that region had been razed.

Upon arriving at said coastal fortress, the party discovered some refugees has already moved in (and were under siege by a ship crewed by bad guys. The party quickly defeated the unprepared baddies and added a 3rd ship to the fleet in the process. Turns out the refugees had been victims of a rampage of a coalition of giants. The party split up to attack the different giant strongholds simultaneously (thus throwing them off balance and unable to reinforce each other). So far it has worked, though it nearly got everyone killed. The threat of death was so prominent in fact, that a ritual was used to coordinate a new plan. Reunite the party and finish off the giants as a combined force.

Friends Close, Enemies Closer

The party was fortunate enough to encounter Jar Jar Binks (Jocobeax or whatever) returning from his pursuit of the hosers that stole Baraata. After negotiating a partnership in the apple beer business, the party then travelled to the tiny coastal fortress where the search had led and stormed it in their own particular idiom (by land and by sea). Besides recovering the Aboleth is Pants and impounding a pirate ship, the big bad cheese was also taken prisoner and delivered to Diogenes along with the still unconscious Baraata.

Much to the surprise of the party, Diogenes was able to revive Baraata and both were so pleased with the service and loyalty that a new business arrangement was arrived at and the party now has a very small fleet of it’s own.

Vengeance is a dish best served...

… by turning Tatsu into a Death Knight. Apparently the party’s new found friend, Brisket, was an unwitting pawn in a revenge plot by the maligned Lich. His dream was a manufactured device to manipulate the party into recovering an artifact that made Tatsu into a much greater prize than a mere boneclaw.

On the bright side, they picked up yet another new companion, a potent sorcerer named Nemoi Smock who they rescued from the clutches of the same trap that ensnared the once mighty (and now even more mighty, but in a bad way) Tatsu.

At least our “new friends” list is keeping pace with our “new villains” list for the time being.

Big crawly things!!!

The party waited at the pier for the mage who would release the spell on the Aluminium Falcon. However when he showed up he was being escorted by a party that was wanted by the government. Their wanted poster had been seen by the party at the tavern. Apparently they thought they could force the mage to nullify the spell and then steal the Falcon. But we moved into position and ambushed them. Even though they outnumbered us we foiled their plan and turned in the corpses for the reward (20,000 gold).

We left immediately after to go find Barata. We arrived ?? without further trouble only to find that Jacobix had left some weeks prior and neither his servants nor the townspeople knew where he had gone. Mungus and Otto crawled the taverns trying to find some Apple Beer but it was not being produced yet. The orchards were being renewed but as yet Apple Beer production had not begun. Bob went to help the orphans. V’rauul and Tatsu went somewhere? and got ambushed by some freaks that wanted to do unmentionable things to a follower of the Raven Queen. They killed Tatsu. About this same time Mungus and Otto overhead some crazy guy in the tavern ranting on about how he had to find Tatsu before it was too late. Pretty soon V’rauul showed and gave us the bad news. The new guy convinced us we had to go get some jewel or we couldn’t save Tatsu. As we searched for the gem we got attacked by megapedes.

To sum up, Bob was the big hero (in his own mind) killing TWO non minion monsters. The first to fall at his hand, figuratively speaking, was a mighty Dopelganger who was part of a group of NPC’s trying to steal our ship in Kristophan. The second was one of many Megapedes the party stumbled upon looking for a pretty rock they needed to go save, or at least to keep the baddies from desecrating, Tatsu. Mungus pulled out of his slump, he not only knocked the drow avenger unconscious and sent him to sleep with the fishes, he knocked out a megapede and made another one bite itself to death. Otto finally fulfilled his fantasy of riding a monster (its never ended well before) and managed to mount a megapede and somehow kept hold of the garrote he had around it neck while the monster futilely tried to bite him but always ended up biting itself.

Death of Tatsu

Prequel to Big crawly things!!!

Tatsu and Vra’uul went into Moondance to search for information on the whereabouts of Jacobux Kincep. While in town, a nice old lady asked Tatsu if he would act in his capacity of a Raven Queen priest and perform last rites for her dying husband. Excited by the prospect of using his axe (the usual method of performing last rites), Tatsu agreed and Vra’uul followed – deciding that this would be more fun than threatening the people in town for information (which is pretty much the only Streetwise Vra’uul has).

Upon entering the home and being distracted by the Old People Smell, Tatsu and Vra’uul triggered a trap on the stairs leading to the upper floor and fell 20 feet down. Vra’uul managed to hang on to the trap door grate and negate falling damage.

The carpet in this new room came alive and attacked Vra’uul and Tatsu – it being some sort of disgusting creature. Unfortunately, the only exit to the room was blocked by barred doors and some nasty creatures with pointy, bitey teeth – including Bone Claws!!!

Now pissed off, both Tatsu and Vra’uul inflicted considerable damage on the carpet and it’s friends, and teleported their way into the hallway beyond the barred doors. After turning the corner, they discovered their way was blocked by a closed door. Vra’uul, being the sneakier of the two smugglers, crept up to the door, opened it a crack, and looked in. All he saw was a room full of jerks.

The room was full of enough jerks that Tatsu and Vra’uul decided they’d have to escape the way they’d come. This task was accomplished by forcing their enemies into attacking one at a time, due to their large size in such a confined space. The plan was to teleport back into the evil carpet room and then to escape back up through the trap door. Vra’uul was to go first because he could teleport back up to the stairs and then provide a rope for Tatsu to use to climb up.

Unfortunately, as Vra’uul threw the rope down to his buddy, the carpet finished Tatsu off and engulfed his corpse. As this happened, the old lady (let’s call her Dennis) tried to sneakily attack Vra’uul. With his friend unconscious (or worse) and out of sight, combined with the old lady attacking him, as well as having already expended several daily powers and nearly all encounter powers, Vra’uul was forced to flee to seek revenge another time.

Dream a Little Dream...

The party navigated a complex dream world reminding them of many (but certainly not all) of their obligations that had as of yet been left unfulfilled. Eventually it was revealed that the dream was the result of a powerful ritual performed by the Lich and a powerful Psion lackey of his. The Lich was very dissatisfied with the apparent lack of progress of the party and after the Psion recommitted them to complete the quest (by bringing back the tiefling wizard’s head) the party was teleported to a location near their target.

The wizard was waiting for them and attacked soon after their arrival. After a significant struggle, the party was victorious, but rather than killing the wizard, they negotiated a new deal with him against the Lich. At that point the Lich and his Psion lackey revealed themselves and the fact that this was just a dream within a dream and the party had betrayed him. The party is now officially enemies with a very powerful Lich that wants them very dead (and then probably wants to make their corpses into undead minions).

Vra’uul is the MNP for both almost dying without actually dying as well as consistently almost hitting without actually hitting.

Otto's Curse part 2

While venturing through the caverns to the underdark, the party was attacked by giant phase spiders with big, sharp, nasty teeth. Unfortunately Brother Maynard wasn’t available so we had to fight them hand to leg (and mandible). Vr’aaul triggered the attack in Otto like fashion by running ahead to examine the dragon corpse. During the battle Otto showed his penchant for epic fails (1-1-spider head) and ended up falling into one of the pits. A spider followed him down and somehow Mungus managed to kill the creature and have it fall on top of him. However he did make it out of the pit without assistance. After killing all the spiders they looted a long-dead dragon and ventured on to find the dark place they were looking for to complete the ritual for Ottto. During the ritual a bunch of undead creatures (shattered souls, zombie, wights, a wraith?…) appeared and made a bee line for Otto. This made it easier on the rest of the party and Gigantus and Tatsu had fun whacking the creatures as they passed by. Otto was lucky to end up by Tatsu who was able to heal him as well as redirect the fury of many of the foul undead spawn. Just as the ritual was ending Otto saw into the abyss and had some kind of spiritual? experience. He now curses quite proficiently in abyssal. After performing the ritual, fighting a bunch of undead (briefly including Otto), the cursed artifact was banished to the Abyss.

Otto's Curse part 1

Entering the desecrated temple of Kelemvor, the party defeated a brain in a jar and it’s animated statue minions.

Angels of Kelemvor then protected the party while they completed a ritual to cleanse the taint from the temple.

An angel then guided the party to the caverns leading to the underdark where they must venture to rid Otto of his curse.

The Potato Festival

In a happy coincidence, the party decided to visit Gigantus Brutalis’s home town so he could participate in the Potato Festival of Champions, and the party as a whole could lay low to avoid the long arm of the law.

There were 3 challenges. The final challenge was an eating contest which, no surprisingly, end in a cascading chain reaction of vomiting.

Mungus was crowned the Potato festival champion and banished the humiliated Gigantus. (At least until the rest of you get off your lazy butts and tell the real story)

Baraata's Fate V

We conquer the Tomb of Horrors, losing less than 1/2 our party. Or do we…

…we do! After callously abandoning Vra’uul, Tatsu and Otto in the belly of the tomb of death, the other party members make it out of the tomb with the “Scepter of Infinite Mockery” only to be laughed to scorn by the necromancers (not only do they defile the laws of nature, they’re also real jerks). The remaining party members – read “loyalty-free abandoners of friends” – teamed up with some other adventurers who had also been suckered into the tombs and lost some of their party. They consist of a fat guy in a little coat, a sharply dressed shifter with a monacle, and some crystal-looking freaky thing WHO TALKS INTO YOUR BRAIN!! AAAHHH!! Seems a good fit to team up and try to rescue the lost members of both groups. The new guys know of a back door entrance that just happens to be guarded by 3 liches, a dracolich, and an unending supply of ghosts. Can our newly formed party join together to rescue their friends? Can Otto and Tatsu put their differences aside now that they’ve seen each other without their bodies? Can anyone get used to the crystal guy talking INTO THEIR BRAIN??!!!

The answer is… basically. Due to the combined talents of the newly formed party we have a incredibly controlled battle giving the non controllers a freedom of movement that they rarely enjoy or even really care for. Several characters pick up shiny happy objects off of a table and Gigantous picks a pretty flower… which he immediately plants in the floor. It creates a zone of hurting for the bad, undead things. To their horror, the new party’s dwarven companion is found to be lich food. He is the honored guest at an unholy feast occurring on an altar that dominates the cavern. The ghosts prove good fodder for vengeance and fall rapidly under onslaught. The liches, however, prove to be more formidable foes. The dracolich is pinned in the center of the cavern by the various controllers and has to satisfy himself by breathing out his icy fury on any who are in range. At one point Vra’uul and Mungus are encased in blocks of ice but are quickly teleported out of their icy prisons. After getting healed up, but still lacking any healing surges Mungus decided to go toe-to-toe with the dracolich and blows all his dailies in an amazing display of 3’s and 4’s. Eventually we killed the liches and slayed the dracolich…and there was much rejoicing.

Following the Epic Battle… and by Epic we do of course mean “controlled and slow” we meet up with our fallen allies to learn they are less ghosty and more solid. Wahoo!, now someone can actually whack Otto and Tatsu upside the head for going all ghosty and trying to run to their deaths. Kudos to Vra’uul for giving his life so that we could have a calorie free chocolate mace. We freed all of the poor souls that were trapped, half way between life and death, in the tomb. Among them was Jacobux Kincep. They were understandably upset at the necromancers who had held them captive for so long and thus we joined them in dispensing justice and attacking the City of Skulls. We then accompanied Jacobux back to his estate in Moondance and he promised to give us Apple Beer once he had his orchard producing again.

Side note, after gaining physical form again Tatsu has a visit in the night from the Raven Queen, she lets him know that she has not forsaken him and has given him the power of fear to do her bidding. But with this gift comes punishments for questioning her in the tomb, Tatsu has lost his wings and his breath weapon.


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