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Enter your name next to the encounter you want to DM as well as the current status (concept/in progress/ready).
If it is only suitable for a certain party level range, make sure to include that information.
Some encounters will need to be run sooner than others, so please sign up for those first. They are italicized.
If you remember a quest being on this list but has been removed, it may simply be hidden by a DM (contact Bryan for details). :)

Current Quests:
1 Travel with Gigantus to his hometown to take part in the Potato Festival
2 Deal with the WANTED poster of all 7 of us for 25000 gold – anybody claiming the reward should ‘take’ us to Kristophan (see below)

Future Quests:
0 Who posted the WANTED poster?
1 Find an old man/priest/wizard/etc who can translate an ancient language but expects payment (11th level, 1 encounter to find the person, 1 encounter to perform some service for them as payment) – Dave (concept)
2 Find 4 identical markers, 1 in mine, 1 in forest, 2 in mountains
3 Kill Bone Claws – Kurtt – level 11 or 12 – in planning stage
4 Find Orianthi Achlavillian and deliver him alive to Lich owner of the Wizard Tower (multistage quest from levels 12-18)
5 Follow up with Jacobux Kincep on the St. Vinci legend (level 15-18 see Bryan for a couple little details)

Misc Quest ideas:
1 Alley

2 Road
3 Wilderness
4 Ship (in dock)
5 Sewers/Tunnels under Kristophan (or other large city) – done twice with rev group, none yet with smuggler group
6 See group dressed as knights off in the distance banging coconuts together
7 Haunted Amusement Park (run by a Witchalock) – Bryan, concept, 30th level

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