Smugglers of Kristophan

Baraata's fate II

In the search to find out what was wrong with Baraata, the party set sail for a monastery that Bobilius Phett just happened to know about. They were little help, but directed the group to seek out somebody who might be in a nearby town made famous by the somebody’s secret family recipe for apple beer. This contact is called Jacobux Kincep and his family resides in the town of Moondance.

The party approached the maze haphazardly (whaaa?), in small separate groups. Tatsu flew to the top of the small building in the maze, with Mungus and Otto scampering up the thick walls of the hedge behind him. Once on top of they building, they noticed that the building was some sort of mausoleum with no visible doors. Tatsu also noticed a bit of a rustling coming from behind a hedge. He hopped over the hedge to find himself in the maze with….4 Boneclaws! Not to worry, Otto charged through the hedge daggers first, stabbing hilt-deep in the closest Boneclaw. Vra’uul and Gaylord entered the fray, wands and orbs blazing. Gaylord’s visions of avarice pulled three of the four to a nice grouping and allowed Vra’uul to engulf them in a wave of firey death, leaving the unfortunate 3 slowed/immobilized/depressed/peeing-their-pants. Otto awesomely stepped up to unload a blinding barrage on the 3 Boneclaws, scoring 2 critical hits on the lead, spilling Boneclaw entrails all about. Meanwhile, Mungus and Tatsu kept the 4th Boneclaw busy by waving at it jovially. Otto, king of observation, noted that all the Boneclaws were giving him the same odd stinkeye that the undead folk in the top of the wizard’s tower were giving him. Mungus, in a moment of uncharacteristic (for the evening) awesomeness, knocked the isolated Boneclaw unconscious with a blow to the head, leaving it helpless on the ground. The party continued to rain death and insults on the Boneclaws when out from the mausoleum came several weak looking undead and one tougher vampire lady. The party picked off the minions, but the vampiress waltzed up to Tatsu and knocked him unconscious. Bob quickly healed Tatsu, but the vampire hussy put Tatsu under her domination. Finally, Tatsu’s tendency to fall down did him some good, as the only thing he was able to do was stand up before shaking off the effect of the domination. Otto, giddy with joy at having been so unlike himself and doing so much damage, went in for a coup de grace. Then regular Otto showed up again, somehow completely missing the unconscious Boneclaw and instead slashing large holes in both Tatsu and Mungus. Then his pants fell down. Again. Fortunately, this was missed somewhat as Bob cast a dismissal on the Vampire, sending her into an astral plane and away from the fight. She popped back into the fight after a couple of rounds, only to have Otto slide her into the middle of the group and stab her into vapor. With only one minion left, Vra’uul deftly finished off the fight with a…MAGIC MISSILE!!!!!!



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