Smugglers of Kristophan

Baraata's Fate III

After consulting with Jacobux Kincep, we decide to take his advice and travel to the (somewhat) nearby City of Skulls. Perhaps we can bargain with the Necromancers in this city of death and gain insight into Baraata’s condition.

We were stopped at the gate, by the guards, and warned that our party would be at risk in the city. We talked to them for a while and got some useful information, including directions to an inn. We entered the city and following the directions given to us by the guards we ended up near some sort of unholy cathedral. About this time the party was confronted by a group of cloaked figures. Otto felt like he was being given the evil eye. Somehow we managed not to provoke them into a fight despite Tatsu’s best efforts.

On advice from the guards, we simply asked some of the local priests if we could bargain for a necrotic ritual to diagnose our friend. They told us they would consider helping us if we proved our worth by retrieving a ‘symbol of kingly power’ from the city’s hallowed Tomb.

We decided to give it a try and entered. The doors closed behind us and we found ourselves in a wide hallway with the walls covered in murals. Tatsu found that they were more than just pictures and taunted a demon the was behind bars in part of the mural but we could all hear the noise of the demon straining against the bars trying to get at Tatsu.



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