Smugglers of Kristophan

Baraata's Fate IV

We continue through the tomb… happening upon a chapel emanating divine energy. The party relaxed for a spell. In short order Otto takes a dare from Mungas to sit upon a throne behind the altar, which happens to compelled him to dash through yet another portal on the side wall of the room. Showing a flair for impulsiveness Tatsu springs into action and follow follows him through. The rest of the party wisely hesitated, as those two had nearly gotten themselves, and others, killed by going off alone not long ago. Eventually when neither reappeared, Mungus’ sense of loyalty to Otto overcame him and with the promise of adventure Gigantus joins him in entering the portal. Gaylord and Bobilious notice more writing on the floor starting where they entered the room. The two set about deciphering the script as they did in the main hall. Once they reach the alter Gaylord is unexpectantly compelled to take his turn in the throne and subsequently runs through the portal. Bobilious is able to finish following the script to a secret passage on the opposing wall from the portal. Using his recently aquired ring of candle light he is able to open the secret door in front of him. Some of the missing party members reappeared unharmed but of a different race (Now Goliath, Minotaur and Drow).The missing Otto and Tatsu also shortly reappear, except now they were some kind of ghost (much like Jacobux Kincep).

After some experimentation and further exploration of the room, the ghosts felt compelled to descend deeper into the dungeon, being lured away by the pleasant sounds of joy and revelry. The rest of the party reluctantly followed and were eventually able to convince the ghostly losers to turn around when it became clear that the happy sounds were leading to some kind of a trap.

We back tracked and searched all of the pit traps finding a secret door.



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