Smugglers of Kristophan

Barclays Map 2

We continued on to the mountains in search of a cave where another piece of the Golden Lion Battle Regalia is rumored to be.

We found an old mine that contained one of the items we where looking for. After letting the rogues sneak around and not find anything useful Tatsu Lung got tired of waiting and banged his way into the mine. Thus destroying any hope of sneaking into the mine. After another tense waiting period to see if anyone was going to attack the now noisy party, nothing happened. So Tatsu Lung decided to make their presence even more known. After everyone entered the main room of the mine we noticed there where some sounds but could not see anyone. Since any chance at stealth had gone by-by Bob called out to whomever was there that we meant no harm and would like to talk to them. A goblin, who seemed to be the leader, responded to the call while a bunch of bug bears who were hiding in some pools of water emerged and took up strategic positions around the party. While Bob was trying to use some diplomacy, with some success, to see if we could obtain the item with out fighting, Tatsu Lung decided enough was enough, he strolled up to the Goblin and intimidated him demanding to know if he had what we were looking for or not. With the goblin cowering and trying to get away from Tatsu, Tatsu and Bob played good cop bad cop and were able to get the mace. The party was able to create a convincing fake Mace for our new Red Hand friends to give to their military leaders. We found out from the goblin that the Army of the Red Hand was also searching for the pieces of the Regalia. They also gave us some distracting information about some valley to the east. We left as quickly as we could, not wanting to be anywhere near when army of the Red Hand arrived to collect the Mace.

We continued our search pattern and located a new item deep in a swamp. We narrowed down the location to be in the ruins of a castle, Swamp Castle. The rogues and Gigantus climbed up on one of the remaining walls to survey the area and found a pool that looked pretty deep. After some depth tests Gigantus was sent down and found a submerged tunnel that seemed to be going in the right direction. At least, we assumed it was in the right direction – we didn’t really have anywhere else to go. With further probing he found an underground chamber that still had air. The rest of the party was able to get to the chamber without anyone drowning. We then had to jump across a gap in a collapsed staircase. Bob in yet another showing of casm crossing prowess gracefully flipped, over the heads of the party members landing safely on the far side. Even Tatsu made it without falling in.

We found a room with some urns and, being suspicious, Gaylord used his Mage Hand spell to move them to us. And a good thing it was as a huge blade swung from the ceiling and would have obliterated anyone in its path. We successfully retrieved the urns and a couple of them contained some magic items.

The next room had weird lines of purple flame (about a foot high) on the floor and a variety of undead creatures. Mungus displayed his awesome rogue skillz and single handedly wiped them out.

The undead appeared to be guarding a wooden chest in the adjacent room. In it we found 1 piece of the battle regalia set as well as:
1900 gold
Ritual: Remove Affliction + 1000gp components
Ritual: Speak with Dead + 280gp components
Ritual: Leomund’s Secret Chest 360gp + 140gp components
Ritual: Create Holy Water + 375gp components
600 gold worth of mystic salves
Alchemical items: Lockburst Chalk Level 4, 3 Blastpatch Level 4 900XP per person



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