Undead, Unforgiving and Unrelenting


Inhabits a very magical tower that the party had the misfortune of ascending. In exchange for being allowed to leave (and some loot), the party took on the task of finding and killing an enemy of the Lich. After a period of inaction concerning this task, the Lich became impatient and enlisted the aid of a Dreamwalker to perform a ritual which allowed them to manipulate the party’s dreams. In the end, the dream within a dream scheme managed to expose the parties complete lack of loyalty and dedication. This did not please the Lich. As part of his revenge, the Lich collaborated with necromancers of Orcus and manipulated Brisket (through another dream) to ultimately have the party play a critical role in turning their fallen companion Tatsu into a Death Knight. What is in store for the rest of the party?



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